Seven Money And Time-Saving Cleaning Hacks


Wouldn’t it be great if you get to always come back to a clean and fresh home after a long day at work? It will be relaxing and even therapeutic. Unfortunately, the house does not clean itself. Also if you do not stay at home often, dirt will stay build up, which means that no matter how busy you are, you still need to clean up. Here are seven cleaning hacks that do not require a lot of time and money.

  1. Use Baking Soda

Baking Soda For Bathroom & Toilet Cleaning

If you are a cleaning freak, you should always have baking soda at home. It does a lot of things when it comes to cleaning. According to dc house cleaning, baking soda acts as an abrasive, deodorizer, and even a degreaser. Sprinkle baking soda in your bin to remove odor. Use it to clean the grout in your bathroom, and to remove grease. Keep a box of baking powder in your fridge to remove odor in the refrigerator as well. Baking soda also works well at deodorizing your toilet. Sprinkle a little around your toilet bowl and wait for 10 minutes then sweep it off.

  1. Use The Dishwasher To Clean Other Stuff

The Dishwasher To Clean Other Stuff

Your dishwasher is not only useful for cleaning your dishes. Other odd stuff can also go into the dishwasher. When you need to clean your toys, makeup brushes, and other small plastics, you can throw them into the dishwasher. They will come out clean. It saves you both time and money.

  1. Clear Mold With Bleach

Mold Cleaning Tips

Molds quickly build up at places where water accumulates. It is not rare to see Molds at the corners of your kitchen sink. If you spot molds, you do not need to waste money on buying expensive cleaning solutions. Just soak cotton in bleach and leave it at the spot overnight. When you take the cloth off, you will see that the mold is gone. Remember to wear gloves before soaking the cotton in the bleach.

  1. Use A Lint Roller To Clean Your Lampshades

Use A Lint Roller To Clean Your Lampshades

Your lampshades attract a lot of dust. Unfortunately, they are quite challenging to clean since they come in different shapes. Sometimes, even the kind of material used in making the lampshade can make it difficult to clean. Fortunately, a lint roll can make the cleaning easier. The lint can easily pick up dirt and dust on your lampshade.

  1. Use Lemon And Baking Powder To Clean Your Shower Tiles

Use Lemon And Baking Powder To Clean Your Shower Tiles

This cleaning solution is inexpensive, but it is beneficial in cleaning your bath tile. Make a paste of the two ingredients and apply it on your bathroom surface. It will leave the place clean and shiny when you scrub it off.

  1. Clean Your Dish Sponge In The Washing Machine

Clean Your Dish Sponge In The Washing Machine

You can throw your dish sponge along with your coloured stuff into the washing machine. This simple trick gets rid of all the bacteria in the sponge.

  1. Use Microfiber Cloths To Clean Your Window

Use Microfiber Cloths To Clean Your Window

Microfiber cloths are great cleaning tools. Use these cloths to clean the window every week. It takes a couple of minutes, and your windows will not get dirty since you are cleaning them regularly.


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