Seven Small Bathroom Renovation Projects On A Budget


Renovating a small bathroom is much simpler than you believe, and you must make certain that you have found a plan online that will show you what to do. Some plans move the sink or half-bath. There are plans that you could use to open up the room, and there are others that will make the bathroom a place where someone can get ready. Ensure that you have read all these plans before deciding which one you believe would be the best option.

  1. Bigger Mirrors

Bathroom Mirror

You can turn the bathroom into a studio makeup room with a large mirror and some lights. You could check when you want to get information on finding a mirror, laying out the lights, setting up a vanity. There are several smaller sinks you would use, and you might have a large countertop that will act as the vanity. This bathroom probably has a toilet, and you can install a small stool that might fit under the sink for anyone who enters.

  1. Change The Colors

Colorful Bathroom Design

You could take the colors of the room, shuffle them, and spread out the color palette across the room. The sink, walls, ceiling, and cabinets should all be a different color. The toilet could be any color you like, and people are surprised when they walk in and see a rainbow of color and relaxation.

  1. Change The Fixtures

Bathroom Fixtures

Changing the fixtures is very simple if you want to update the room just a little bit. There are some small fixtures that you could replace in the room. They could all be the same color, and you could even match the fixtures to the doorknob. This makes the room look much cleaner, and it helps you coordinate fixtures across the house if you want to replace all of them.

  1. Change The Toilet

New Color Toilet

You could change the toilet to a new color or style. There are Japanese toilets that are very exciting, or you could choose a toilet that is a combination of a bidet/toilet. You could also add a bidet if you think that would make the room a much more functional space.

  1. Add Storage

Bathroom Storage

You could run cabinets up both walls, and you might create storage space on the floor that will let you store all the family toiletries. You are keeping the room the same, but you are saving space in the house.

  1. New Lights

Bathroom Light Design

New lights and light fixtures are an interesting way to bring a room back to life. You can make the room look much more detailed because the lights are glancing off all the fixtures and surfaces. You could buy a chandelier for the middle of the room, or you could include recessed lights for a softer feeling.

  1. Add Shelves

Bathroom Shelves

You could display your collectibles in the bathroom, and the shelves help give the room some life when it has no other decorations.

The bathroom you are renovating can be turned into a brand new space, and it will seem much more joyous after each project is done.

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