Several Advantages of Installing Stylish Commercial Lifts


Lifts are one of the most comfortable transport systems in buildings that assist people or goods for moving between the several floors especially in high-rises. Commercial lifts or vertical platform lifts are considered to be the best options for the church, offices, malls, group homes, schools or other commercial areas. Installations of commercial lifts have become crucial for increasing the business. Stylish commercial lifts also increase the worth as well as the beauty of the area. The elegant lifts increase the aesthetic value of the buildings as well.

Types of Lifts

Stylish commercial lifts can be classified in a few basic categories. The primary classifications based on the area of usages are as follows.

Automated Passenger Lifts

Automated Passenger Lifts

Usually, these are responsible for moving passengers in an office, mall or any commercial space. They may or may not be present inside the building. They can be electric, vacuum, cable or hydraulic lifts. Usually, they can carry 10-12 passengers at a time safely and comfortably.

Hospital Passenger Lifts

Hospital Elevators

They are used in hospitals or nursing homes for moving patients from one floor to the other. These are wide for accommodating the stretchers and also a couple of more people which usually includes the nurse or doctor.

Glass Passenger Lifts

Glass Passenger Lift

They usually have full visibility from the lifts and increase the aesthetic beauty and value of the building. These enhance the look of your commercial property as well.

Stairway Elevator

Stairway Elevator

They are commonly installed inside the building for passengers who have an issue with mobility. They tend to run up and down on the rail. They can move both in a straight line and along a curved staircase.

Dumbwaiters Lift

Dumbwaiters Lift

They are smaller lift which usually prefers to carry objects much more than passengers. They would relieve the workers from carrying heavy items to the top floors through stairs.

The lifts can also be classified based on their structure and mode of movement. The classifications are as follows.

In-Ground Lifts

In Ground Lifts

This type of lift is the most traditional and these have been in use for many years. It moves with the help of a hydraulic jack being installed in the ground.

Twin Jack Roped Hydro Lifts

Twin Jack Roped Hydro Lifts

Here wire ropes are used in addition to two hydraulic jacks that lift the car at 1:2 ratios.

Cantilever Roped Hydraulic Lifts

Cantilever Roped Hydraulic Lifts

It is similar to the twin jack roped hydro lifts though here no jackhole is required.

Advantages of Commercial Lift

Elevators For Home

There are advantages of commercial lifts which would be beneficial for the establishment. Some of the obvious benefits are:

  • One of the most obvious advantages of installing lifts is a reduction in the traffic of the staircases. Lift is much safe and maintains order letting only a handful of people use the lift at a time. There may be one than one lift in a large organisation.
  • Lifts act as a significant space saver in large commercial buildings. Building stairs would unnecessarily take up a lot of space, whereas lifts are much more compact and the shafts take up much less space. Lifts are much quicker and work efficiently. It would take you to a different floor in less than 30 seconds. Apart from practical benefits, the lifts look stylish and this, in turn, has a good impact on the users and visitors in your commercial property.

Before building the lifts, it is essential to make a rough estimation of how many people would use it at maximum during peak hours. Lifts installed at hotels, or small buildings can hold 3-4 people, while those at larger office space or shopping areas need to keep at least 9-10 people at a time.

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  1. I like how the article explains that by having a dumbwaiter lift, it is a lot safer and more efficient in moving heavy objects so employees don’t have to try to carry them up the stairs. In my office building, our employees often have to try to take heavy things up the stairs which has almost caused some problems before which I want to try to avoid. Having a dumbwaiter lift would allow my employees to not have to carry heavy objects up the stairs and avoid any injuries.


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