Several Ideas for Properly Lighting Your Patio


Have you ever wondered what gives the patios that special zing effect? The decent get-together can be turned into memorable events with the employment of pendants, sconces, string lighting, and other handy light fixtures for the illumination of your deck or a patio.

With proper lighting, you can set a special mood, whether it’s for a private birthday party for the family and friends, or a romantic dinner in the open with our handy tips.

The Standard String Type

Overhead String Lights

There’s nothing quite like the gentle glow of the café-like overhead string lights, and their price is tempting too. Having in mind how cost-effective they are, you can place them anywhere you want without burdening your budget.

Make sure you pick the lights rated for outdoor use. LED lights are practically indestructible, but the incandescent kind of bulbs is famous for their signature soft glow traits. Lastly, the solar model is perfect for places far away from the outlets.

You may be wondering what about the outlets? You must equip your yard with a set of outlets meant for the exterior conditions if you want the lanterns and string lights to shine in their full glory. These are decidedly a more suitable choice compared to resorting to the usage of constant cords passing through the window.

Finally, avoid creating a safety hazard and get your lights where you want them with proper outlets and cords. A little note for the owners of older households: their exterior outlets may not be completely adhering to the current safety guidelines. They should have a GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) and a weather-resistant protective cover for all-around system security.

Vintage-Looking Sconces

If you wish to illuminate the open patio with glowing light, sconces are just the thing for you. For example, a lantern model will provide a full range of glow, reaching farther than a flush put up on the side of the house. Consider getting something proportionately larger, befitting to a front porch, for example. These are particularly lovely if you’re looking to create a vintage style that matches the house interior, transforming it into an outdoor living room.

Low-Key Landscape Lights

Low-Key Landscape Lights

These low-voltage fixtures are not only suited for the backyard, but they can also bring a unique ambiance to your patio. It’s good to know that landscape pieces are usually not potent enough to illuminate the outdoor space singlehandedly. Combine it with a few low-lying bulbs placed in the surrounding bushes or on the footpath, but remember to leave them easily accessible in case of any potential electrical repair. Lastly, their low voltage recommends them as a safe instrument for the DIY exterior decoration, so don’t be shy to give it a go.

Classy Pendant Lights

Classy Pendant Lights

You can hardly find something that gives the outdoor rooms as elegant and well-rounded touch as the pendant lights do. If you decide to be your handyman and swap the old overhead fixture, ensure that the replacement is of the same (or similar) weight. For the heavy models, hire a professional so they can install a new junction box that can support the weight.

The Hidden Gems – Recessed Lights

Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting is an unobstructed and sleek solution that can be tucked into the covered patio area of any modern abode. The dimmer function they come with is incredibly convenient as it provides the intensity of light adjustable to various preferences, so you can easily be the light show master yourself.

You can take your dinner for a night out by moving some kitchen elements to the patio. If you already have a set-up barbecue station, you can subtly connect the eating and the cooking area with these fixtures. Posh recessed LED downlights are veritable winners in the overhead-fixtures department, as they are easily manageable but out of the way.

Effective Stair Riser Lights

Stair Riser Lights

Lastly, we bring you the type of lights that are both contributing to our security and adding a unique tone to a designated space. Concerning the outdoor stairway structure, it’s advisable to minimize the step height and place the amazing stair risers to avoid potential accidents.

As you can see, your home-based outdoor experience doesn’t have to be a constant dance in the dark between lampposts and wall-mounted fixtures.

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