Shabby Chic For An Elegant Bath

On July 9, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

We are accustomed to seeing shabby chic furniture in living rooms and bedrooms, but its tendency toward soft edges and fabrics might seem to make it a difficult fit as a design scheme for the bathroom. Not so. In fact, by using colour and accessories, you can achieve a lovely bathroom that you and your guests will want to spend time in.

Colours and Flooring

Shabby Chic Bathroom
Eschew sombre tones of chocolate or black here. Fresh blues, greens, yellows, and pinks are the order of the day. A light-coloured or wooden floor is preferable, but if you’re saddled with ugly old linoleum, you need to get creative with either rugs or paint. If you have a lot of space to cover, try using the same type of rug in different sizes or mix a solid with a simple stripe in the same weave.

You can actually paint linoleum or vinyl flooring – it’s not at all hard, but you might need some patience for applying and drying multiple coats of primer and a base colour for the best results. Depending on the climate and the room, this can be a relatively quick process, but be sure to use a paint that is up to the wear-and-tear incurred in the bathroom.(This project would be very much in keeping with the DIY spirit of shabby chic.)

Shelving and Accessories

Shabby Chic Style Bathroom
Instead of the standard bathroom furnishings – which, sold new, tend very much toward contemporary lines – choose weathered vintage dressers and the like: These will give the bath charm while also being functional. You could even rehab wooden crates to serve as towel holders and wall display. If you have the space, a touch of shabby chic furniture such as a chair or stool for seating next to the tub is a nice old-fashioned touch.

Likewise for organisers, you’ll want to think outside the ordinary choices; vintage glassware, for instance, can make for unusual and eye-catching accessories.

For window treatments, definitely go with curtains instead of blinds; you want texture, shape, and light. If you have a vanity that’s open on the bottom, skirting will provide an attractive means of covering up the clutter and will keep the look of the room soft.

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