Shade Sails: Provides The Best Protection Against UV Rays

On March 27, 2015 by Melissa Hamler

Shade sails are widely used in homes, schools, playgrounds and major industries. It was first developed in Australia about 30 years ago to protect humans from the harmful UV rays that are emitted by the sun. The basic technology used in these sails is similar to ship sail. It is made up of fabric membrane that is held up by fixings it on poles or it can also be attached to a building, in a horizontal or angled manner.It can be installed either temporarily or permanently according to the requirement.The process of installation is also very easy. Most of the reputed shade sail suppliers install this within one month of placing order. It proves to be cost effective option than the other type of arrangements. It is very easy to dismantle and the reinstallation process is also very easy. One can choose colour as per their choice because it comes in many colours like atomic orange, champagne, desert sand, grass green, white yellow etc.

Why we need protection from UV rays?

Sun Shade Sails

As we know that UV rays are the common cause of skin cancer and it also affects many children. Since the protective ozone layer in the atmosphere that prevents earth from UV rays is depleting the skin cancer cases are also seen increasing. In UK every fifth person is suffering from some sort of skin disease. At school, children’s are more exposed to Sun because of many activities that take place outside the classrooms. This is the reason why many government authorities enforce the school management to go for shade sail facility at school premises. It has the following advantages:

  • Cool air up to 20 degrees
  • Block up to 96% of sun’s UVA & UVB rays
  • Shade factor up to 97%
  • Prevent hot surfaces
  • Stop painful glare
  • Beautify landscapes

 It is Necessary to Understand Following Things before Finalizing the Order:

Shade Sails

  • If you are going for permanent nature of shade sail, then it is essential to know the weather condition of the area because these are intended to survive under moderate wind of summer season but they are not meant to stand under snow loads or storms.
  • Location is also an important factor.If you are going to install at the top of the hill then you may require bigger size shade sail to shade up of smaller area.
  • Direction of sun.
  • While selecting the fabric, you also need to decide if you also want the water resistant option.
  • You can go for wooden pole or metallic pole. Generally, wooden poles are cheaper.
  • Also carefully check the method of anchoring because it is the weakest part of the shade shelter.
  • Proper consideration should be given during designing the shade sail, so that children do not climb on that.
  • Different supplier providing different type of warrantee starting from 5 years to 15 years.

School management can ask the supplier for different types of design & print according to different classes.

Some suppliers are already advertising their product for school as:

Shade Sails For Schools

  • Nursery shade sails
  • Primary school shade sails
  • Senior school shade sails
  • College /University shade sails.

Wide range of options available

There are many suppliers available on the internet, and they are offering shades with various colours and shades. They also provide the details on the installation. You can choose among the various styles available. Many of them also offer customized shade sails, and so you have the option to get one designed according to your personal taste. The supplier will visit your site and understand your requirement and then both of you can come up with the best option.

Amphitheatre Shade Sail

These are the most sought after option for schools. These specialized shade sails are designed for large amphitheatres and so they can cover a large area. When the school authorities go for this shade sail, they can be assured of optimum safety for the students while there are several programs held here.

If you are looking for best protective shade sails for schools or your place and want to make your shade sail protective against UV rays then please go here to know more things.

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