Shipping Options When Shopping Furniture Online



When you buy furniture online, you have to choose the shipping method then. The shipping furniture is expensive, especially of the bully pieces which often require specialized delivery and online sites offer many different options of shipping.

Start with reading the shipping policy and various terms and conditions.

There are different shipping options, and different options have various services and pricing.

Free Shipping Deals:

Free Ship TruckWell, this can be awesome but remember that at times the price of shipping is included in the cost of the furniture, which means it is not free.

Free shipping but it could mean costly product because there are other services too which are required when it comes to furniture and décor etc.  Don’t forgo price comparisons when you find free shipping deals.

[quote]There Are Types Of Shipping Options Such As:[/quote]

Front Door Delivery:

Delivery Of Shipping

As the name says, the delivery will be done at your doorstep, that is you must carry the product inside of your home. This is the cheapest and can be useful for small furniture but not for big furniture.

Shipping FurnitureInside Delivery:

This is more costly, but the delivery of the product will be right inside your home or office or place or the room you exactly want the furniture or décor item to be. Here you will not have to do the heavy lifting of the boxes. Here the delivery driver is not supposed to open box, or package or inspect the package and not help you set up the product.

White-Glove Delivery:

This is the full package delivery option where they bring in the product to the room, open it, check it, and then help you set the furniture for you. If your furniture needs assembling, then you need to choose this option if you are not good with collecting it.

Standard Delivery Charges:

Well, some sites do delivery for standard delivery charges which is good too.

You can take help of some carpenter or so to assemble the product in less instead of going got white glove delivery. Just opt for standard delivery and carpenter necessary charges, and you will save money too.

White Glove ShippingAlso, some sites which have the brick and mortar stores offer to ship of productivity to the store, and you pick it up from there. If you have a truck or some vehicle and the brick and mortar store is nearby go for it. The site delivers the product for free at the store, and economically you pick the furniture from the store.

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  1. In the past, it’s been very difficult to get shipping quotes for furniture. I ran the customer service department for an outdoor furniture company for years and I’d have to get 3 separate freight quotes for every single shipment. I literally hand wrote the freight and faxed it over to the different carriers and just waited, sometimes up to 24 hours to hear back. I did this every single day for years. I’ve found a site that changed all of that for me. It’s been an amazing resource, especially with the freight quotes I’ve had to deal with.


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