Shopping For New Furniture? Metal Furniture Is One Of The Best Values For Your Money


Metal furniture is one of several options when choosing new furniture, particularly for the garden. However, there are a variety of interior pieces of furniture which can look stunning in metal. The two main styles of metal furniture are wrought iron and aluminum. Metal furniture is considered to be extremely robust, versatile, and usually very comfortable.

Wrought Iron And Aluminum – Best Value For Your Money

Wrought Iron And Aluminum

Wrought iron furniture tends to have elaborate curves, and its style is often reminiscent of the Victorian era. The frame will be solid, and a thick cushion can be added to seats to create a comfortable and stylish look. Frames are normally coated to prevent rust.

Extruded aluminum furniture is used as a lattice-type design and is made with tubular pieces of metal; this is what gives the furniture its strength. This type of furniture is very lightweight, and chairs or even tables can often be stacked. Cast aluminum has similar qualities but offers the potential for more intricate designs. Aluminum furniture is usually powder coated and needs little maintenance.

Comfort & Color Are Very Important Aspects

Design – Keep It Simple But Classy

Metal furniture is unlikely to be comfortable to sit on directly. However, this makes them a better choice for almost any situation. Cushions can be as thick as you like to ensure comfort; they are warmer on a cool day and remain comfortable on a hot day. It is worth noting that metal furniture can become very hot if left in strong sunlight, and a cushion will prevent you from getting burnt.

Cushions can also be chosen in a variety of designs; it is even possible to have different cushions to enable the furniture to be used in different parts of the garden and house. The color scheme can match the area the furniture is situated in.

Design – Keep It Simple But Classy

Metal Coffee Table

Wrought iron furniture is heavy and can be kept in the garden in almost any weather conditions; it is unlikely to blow around! A metal table and chair set can look perfect in a cottage style setting. However, if you prefer a more contemporary approach, it is worth considering mixing materials. A wooden table made out of hardwood, such as Teak, will sit nicely with a set of cast aluminum chairs, preferably coated in a dark color. It will create a look of sophistication and style, contemporary without being over the top.

Caring For Metallic Furniture

Luxury Metal Dining Table

Whichever metal furniture you choose, it is essential to give it the right care and maintenance; this will ensure it lasts for many years. Metallic furniture should be washed regularly with warm water and a mild detergent. It should be dried with a clean cloth, and any manufacturer’s instructions should be noted and observed. If your furniture lives outside and you will not be using it for a while, then it should either be moved to a covered area or be covered with a breathable, waterproof material. It is also important to repair any damage immediately; this will prevent rust. Most metal furniture can be repaired with a car paint kit.

Brighten Metal Furniture With Paint

Brighten Metal Furniture With Paint

Cushions are not the only method of brightening your metal furniture. The actual furniture can usually be repainted, either for maintenance or to brighten the color and create a cheerful atmosphere and possibly a talking point. As far as cost is concerned, aluminum furniture tends to be the cheapest option while the wrought iron is at the higher end of the scale. There is a huge range of products on the market which will probably fit your needs, but it is also possible to have furniture custom made, although this is likely to increase the cost significantly!

You should choose your furniture according to how windy your garden is, what storage facilities you have for the furniture and your budget. There has to be a style to suit your criteria! If you’re shopping for metal furniture for the inside of your homes – such as the kitchen or living area – you might want to shop for pieces that blend two or more materials. Metalworks great with glass; together, they add an urban appeal to any space.

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