Should I Buy Corded Or Cordless Tools?


Everything under the sun has its advantages and disadvantages. It mostly depends on you and the type of work. Some woodworkers find corded tools more useful, whether others find cordless tools for several different reasons. Having no wire, meaning cord in a cordless tool, you can carry it anywhere. Also, cordless tools are portable. On the other hand, corded tools are more powerful than cordless ones. But having a wire in these tools, the cable or cord gets damaged due to wear and tear for many uses.

In the same way, you can think of a corded circular saw and a cordless circular saw. Both have their merits and demerits as well. So, in this article, I am going to make things clear so that you can understand better which tools you need to perform your woodworking. Depending on your needs, you have to choose which one is better for you. Because if you are an amateur, you may find a cordless tool handier than a corded tool, in my opinion.

However, without making the intro more descriptive, let’s jump into the main point of this article. After reading the whole article, I am sure you will end up buying the right tools for you. Before starting, I would like to tell you a bit about corded and cordless tools.

Corded Tools

Corded Tools

A corded tool, whether it is a circular saw or any other type of tool, basically is more powerful than a cordless one. It has a wire, meaning a cord that needs to plug into an electrical outlet to operate the tool. The length of the cord varies from device to device. For a corded tool, you don’t need to charge it because it is operated via electricity. Also, without any break, you can continue your work.

Cordless Tools

Cordless Tools

There is a battery inside the tool which operates the tool. The battery needs to charge when it is required. A cordless tool allows you to carry it anywhere you need it. Because there is no wire in this tool. So, you don’t have to worry about the length of the cord. But you may have to take breaks when the charge of the battery is low. Cordless tools are considered less powerful than a corded tool.

However, let’s talk about the two tools’ advantages and disadvantages so that you can have a better understanding before purchasing one.

Advantages Of Cordless Tools

Advantages Of Cordless Tools

There are many advantages of a cordless tool, including portability, ease of movement, and fewer types of equipment. A cordless tool is more popular to the users for its portability. Without having any wire, you can move it anywhere without being hindered. It allows you to work freely, taking the tool to your desired workplace.

As it has almost no wire and cord, it is less crowded in your workspace. It has a battery to supply power to operate the tool inside it. Besides, it allows you to work safer as it now has cords. Not only that, but a cordless tool should also be lighter than a corded tool. It helps you to work effortlessly without having a hose or cord to carry.

Disadvantages Of A Cordless Tool

Disadvantages Of A Cordless Tool

As the primary source of the power of the tool is batteries, your work may frequently interrupt when the batteries are low in charge. In this case, you have to stop your work and remove the battery and charge it fully to resume your work. But you can alleviate the inconvenience if you have multiple batteries with you, which are fully charged.

It is less powerful, meaning it has a lower capacity to operate. This is particularly valid with power saws that may require littler edges. Right now, models are less compelling than their corded partners. These apparatuses may likewise do not have the force for certain applications, causing either manual utilization or exchanging back to a corded model.

Advantages Of Corded Tools

For your consistent work, you need nothing but a corded tool. Besides, it has more capacity than a cordless tool to work. From a dedicated power source, the corded tool will allow you to work consistently without any break.

It helps you to handle more tedious jobs because of its consistency. All you need to do is to plug into an electrical socket, and you are on the go.

Disadvantages Of Corded Tools

If you are a user of a corded tool, you know the limitation of movement. Having a cord, your movement gets restricted. If you have no option to plug in the cord, you cannot operate the tool. Because to operate the tool, you just need a power source.

Not only that, a cord or the wire of the tool sometimes may be the reason for your potential safety hazards. Besides, the cord can be damaged too after using it for many months or years. So, you have to look carefully before operating the tool, whether there is any leak in the cord.

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