Should You Buy A Home That Needs Concrete Foundation Repair In Ann Arbor?


Concrete foundation repair in Ann Arbor can be a costly investment, which is why a homebuyer might ask if they should buy a house needing foundation crack repair, underpinning, or house leveling. A potential homebuyer might also wonder if scheduling initial repairs will keep that home’s foundation in good condition and for how long or if they might need to face foundation repair costs repeatedly over the years.

While no two properties are alike, and a real estate agent and foundation repair contractor can offer personalized advice about the home, in particular, you might note some general information about foundation damage repair methods and costs. You can then use this information to ensure you’re making the best home-buying decision for you and your family.

Concrete Foundation Repair

Do Most Older Homes Need Concrete Foundation Repair in Ann Arbor?

Installing drain tiles can be a crucial preventative measure to avoid bigger foundation problems in the long run. Drain tile, also known as a French drain, is a system designed to redirect water away from the foundation of a building. It consists of a perforated pipe that is placed in a trench surrounding the foundation and is covered with gravel or aggregate. This system serves to collect and channel water away from the foundation, preventing it from accumulating and causing potential damage.

When shopping for a new home, don’t assume that all older homes will need concrete foundation repair. Concrete foundations can last for decades, if not even indefinitely, especially if the property owner maintains that concrete with expert waterproofing and property grading. Waterproofing, crawlspace encapsulation, grading, and other such steps keep moisture from the foundation, so there is less risk of cracks and other damage over the years.

However, while a concrete foundation can stay in good condition indefinitely, you also don’t want to assume that a property inspection is enough information to make your home-buying decision! Property inspectors note if a home’s building materials are up to code, they don’t always perform a thorough inspection that spots every crack and chip or other defect.

Property inspectors also don’t advise potential homebuyers about the cost of repairs needed and how long those repairs should last! To ensure you make the best decision about a home needing concrete foundation repair in Ann Arbor, schedule your own inspection with a repair contractor, as they will offer a more comprehensive report and can advise on repair methods and costs as well.

How Much Does Concrete Foundation Repair in Ann Arbor Cost?

To better decide if a home needing foundation repair is a wise purchase, you’ll need to know how much foundation repair costs! Your repair contractor will need to perform a thorough inspection and offer a quote on repairs for that house in particular but note some various repair methods and average pricing. Hence, you know better what to expect.

  • Foundation crack repair is not as costly as homeowners might expect; a repair contractor can chisel out small cracks and fill them in with specialty materials. This process might cost just a few hundred dollars, but it also might need to be repeated every 5 to 10 years.
  • Underpinning with helical or steel piers and pins helps support a severely damaged foundation. These pins are inserted into the ground and then attached to the foundation to keep concrete in place and keep a structure from sinking and settling. Pins might cost anywhere from $300 to $1000 each but should last indefinitely.
  • House leveling uses injections under a home to lift it back to a level position and keep it in place. While house leveling itself might average between $300 and $1000, it might also require added underpinning for maximum effectiveness.
  • Shimming helps support the pier and beam foundation, using large shims to help brace up a structure. Shimming might cost between $2500 to $3500 on average but should also support a foundation for decades, if not indefinitely.

Your foundation repair contractor might also suggest waterproofing, encapsulation, property grading, or other irrigation solutions protect the foundation from future water damage. These services will then add a few hundred dollars or more to your overall foundation repair costs.

Making Your Decision About a Home Needing Foundation Repair

To make your decision about buying a home needing concrete foundation repair, note your expected repair costs and if the house is priced accordingly, and if it offers other features you need. As an example, if a contractor quoted you $5000 for repairs and waterproofing, and the home is priced $7000 lower than comparable properties, it might be an excellent purchase for you.

On the other hand, you might note that a seller’s asking price isn’t low enough to compensate for needed repairs. If that’s the case, you might consider another property instead, so you’re not faced with purchasing costs and the cost of concrete foundation repair in Ann Arbor.

What Happens If You Don’t Make Foundation Repairs?

Before deciding that you might buy a home with a damaged foundation and put off needed fixes, consider the risks of not scheduling timely foundation repairs. One important consideration is that foundation cracks, chips, leaks, spalling, and other damage only worsen over time, so eventual fixes are more expensive than timely repairs! In the long run, it’s often cheaper to schedule foundation repairs at the first sign of damage.

Foundation cracks also might risk secondary damage around the property. Those cracks let in moisture that risks wood rot to a home’s framing, as well as damaging and unsightly mold growth. A weak foundation also lets a house settle and sink, risking wall cracks and crumbling ceiling tiles as well as buckled floors, plumbing damage, and roof damage!

While a home might not collapse due to foundation damage, keep in mind that you can’t ignore a cracked roof, splintered floorboards, and plumbing damage indefinitely. Mold is also very unhealthy for a home’s occupants, and mold spreads quickly once it begins to grow behind walls and underneath floors. Allowing foundation damage and these secondary issues to spread also affects property values, so any equity you might build in that new home is quickly offset by those neglected repairs!

Keep all these points in mind if you’re trying to decide on buying a house that needs concrete foundation repair in Ann Arbor. Needed fixes can mean a home and property you love, but only if you’re able to face the cost and if the seller will work with you when it comes to the home’s price overall!

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