Should You Buy A Solar Generator? Weighing Out The Pros And Cons


Solar Generator

Solar generators are portable products that can be used as a backup power source if the grid goes down or as a source of electricity when you’re on a campsite. A solar generator is powered by solar panels, and unlike solar storage systems, they can be transported anywhere, which makes them extremely viable today.

 How Do Solar Generators Work?

Solar generators can’t produce electricity on their own. They comprise of two parts: solar panels and a battery storage system. The solar panel needs to catch sunlight to generate direct current electricity. The charge controller will then regulate the power output from the solar panel to store the electricity in the battery storage system.

Hence, solar generators are perfect when you’re on the go or out of power and need some electricity. But are solar generators always a good investment? Let’s dig deeper and shed light on the pros and cons of solar generators.

Pros Of Solar Generators

Free Energy Supply

The most obvious benefit of solar products like solar generators is that they harness a free energy supply, which is cost-effective and beneficial for the environment. In addition, when you use energy from the sun to generate electricity, there is a reduced need to produce electricity, lowering pollution at your local power plant.

At a personal level, homeowners can enjoy an unlimited supply of energy once they have purchased the solar gear, in this case, the solar generator, without relying on costly fossil fuels.

Low Running Costs

The great thing about solar generators is that it’s a one-time investment. A solar generator has a far lower running cost as compared to fuel-powered generators; using sunlight does not require any cost, while purchasing fuel does! Thereby, you are also saved from volatile diesel and gasoline price changes.

Moreover, solar generators don’t have any moving parts that would need to be replaced or maintained, evading that hassle and cost too.

No Fumes

Another perk is that solar generators don’t produce any harmful fumes. On the contrary, fuel-powered generators release carbon monoxide, which is a severe health hazard and is a major contributor to global climate change.

But with solar generators, you wouldn’t be worried about this. Due to this, solar generators are touted as the safest option for generating electricity and are deemed suitable even for indoor use.

Make No Noise

Fuel-powered generators make a lot of noise, creating noise pollution in addition to air pollution. On the contrary, solar generators and clean and quiet and will not disturb you or your neighbors when in use. Solar generators don’t have any moving parts, so they don’t make any noise.

Highly Versatile

Solar generators can be carried anywhere, which makes them highly versatile. You can use them for many activities-take to the beach house, at a campsite, to a construction site at night, as well as an emergency power backup in addition to many other things.

Helps Lower Electricity Bills

High electricity bills are a real concern for homeowners. If you want to lower high utility bills, you can add solar generators to your life. Use electricity for large appliances but make use of the solar generator for smell devices, successfully bringing down your electricity bill.


Solar energy is renewable and self-sustainable, which makes it so convenient and ever-ready. With a solar generator, you won’t be reliant on a power company. You won’t have to fret over when the power is coming back or where you should charge your devices. With solar generators, as long as you have sun, you’re good to go!

Cons Of Solar Generators

High Upfront Cost

 The most common argument against solar generators is the high upfront cost. While a gas generator will cost you around $1000, you can expect to say $2000, give or take, for a solar generator. However, there are minimal to no operational costs for solar generators, which is more than can be said for fossil-fueled generators.

Limited Energy Capacity

There may be limitations to the appliances that you can power using a solar generator. However, you can purchase a larger-sized solar generator to go completely off-grid.

Should You Buy A Solar Generator?

Now, the question you need to consider is, should you buy a solar generator? At this point, a more suitable question would be whether you need a solar generator given your purpose for the purchase. Consider why you need to buy a solar generator? Is it for backup, is it for lowering bills? This will help you make a smarter decision.

Solar generators are most suitable for people who need something to charge small devices and appliances, especially if they plan to go camping and travel around in an RV. While you may be able to purchase a solar generator of, say, 6000 watts to go off-grid, you would need a proper solar setup for that. However, you would greatly benefit from a solar generator if you live in an area that is prone to frequent power outages.

The pros of solar generators weigh out the cons of solar generators by a huge margin. While solar generators may have a high upfront cost that makes homeowners sceptical, do consider the fact that this is just a one-time purchase. You will need to buy the gear once and then evade the hassle of repair, maintenance, etc. So ultimately, you will be paying more with a fuel-powered generator than you would be with a solar-powered generator. Given how rapidly fuel prices fluctuate, solar generators are a way more cost-effective way to get some power.

Solar generators are environmentally friendly, as they don’t make any noise or air pollution. This is a highly convincing reason to invest in this product. The sun is an ever-lasting source so that you won’t find yourself at the mercy of power companies.

Final Word

To conclude, yes, you should seriously consider buying a solar generator as it serves various purposes mentioned above. Click here to learn more about solar living and find the best solar generators on the market that will serve your purpose.

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