Should You Choose Wood Exterior Door?


Wood Exterior Door

All You Need to Know About Wood Exterior Doors

Wood has existed for decades, and for many years, it has been used as exterior doors. Many homeowners regard it as the most authentic material for construction, a material that brings out the real sense of beauty and character. You will not find any other material with the natural wood grain that is added to these doors to boost the beauty of the wood further. In addition, the robustness and the touch of the wood make the doors, and the entire structure looks as if it is entirely built with a first-class material.

However, wood comes with its share of shortcomings. Many builders nowadays will advise you to take an alternative of wood and avoid wood exterior doors. You might wonder why? Continue reading below to learn more why most homeowners are opting for other entry door materials rather than the historically common wood material.

Types of Exterior Doors

Some years ago, wood was the primary option for entry doors if not the only available option. There were not so many options that were available since homeowners preferred wood and offered them the services they needed pretty well. However, people started noticing that wood was faced with various challenges, especially when exposed to weather elements for a long time. It began to warp and bend and finally lost its appeal and effectiveness.

As such, people needed something that would offer the services offered by wood but with limited disadvantages. Though wood remains a preferred option by some homeowners, other entry doors materials are overtaking it.

  • Fibreglass Entry Doors – People prefer fibreglass exterior doors for various reasons. It is durable, offers low maintenance and mimics the beauty of wood with built-in texture.
  • Steel Entry Doors – Steel is a standard option in the commercial market. This provides high security as its material offers a nearly burglar-proof cover. It is also pretty durable.
  • Wood Entry Doors – Wood doors offer beauty and feel that is second to none. However, you need to be ready to spend some hours in maintenance to keep that beauty. Also, it is profoundly affected by extreme weather elements. Rain and snow can cause it to warp, rot, or crack.
  • Aluminium Entry Doors – If you don’t like steel doors because of their weight, then you can consider aluminium entry doors. They are lightweight and durable, as well. The material is also affordable.
  • Vinyl entry doors- one characteristic with this type of entry doors Toronto is that it is cheaper compared to the other options discussed here. That is why its usage is increasing among homeowners. It is also durable and quite low maintenance.

Disadvantages of Wood Doors

You are pretty aware of the benefits of wood exterior doors. But the main one is that they look great when they are new, and that is impossible to replicate.

You will easily notice an exterior door that is two years old and one that is ten years old. The reason is that, when a wood door age, it loses its aesthetic value. So, over time, wood loses its practicality as compared to the other materials such as fibreglass and steel.

Also, wood is affected by external conditions. It cracks and warps. Pests can also drill wood and create holes on it. Water causes rot on the wood and continuous exposure to the sun makes the upper surface to start peeling off.

Here are some reasons why recommend other materials for your entry doors Toronto;

  • Costs – when it comes to affordability, wood will not offer you that. Besides, you will have to paint and stain to keep it looking beautiful. Moreover, it is not durable as steel or fibreglass, and soon you will need to buy a new one.
  • Time Demands – apart from spending more money on buying the windows, you will also spend more time on maintenance and repairs. I am sure you don’t want to be held at home by house chores on weekends.
  • Safety Concerns – when wood doors become weak, they are quite vulnerable to intruders who can access the interior of your home easily. Before a burglar can break into your home, he surveys to gauge how easy it is to break in. If your home has aged wood exterior doors, that would be a potential entry point by a burglar.
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