Should You Go With Single Hung Windows As Your New Units?


Single Hung Window

Windows play a significant role in any house design and comfort. They vary in many ways: some are easier to open, some are great for airflow, and others are ideal for broad views. But sometimes, it might be quite challenging for homeowners to choose the window style that will work best for their houses.

That is why our team has conducted research and concluded that Ecoline Single-Hung windows would be the middle ground for any traditional residence in Canada.

Interested why? Read on to find out!

What Is A Single-Hung Window?

Depending on the design, a single-hung window has a single movable sash raised or tilted from the bottom, while the top part of the unit stays stationary. These windows are available in different frames and finishes to match any design and complement the exterior of your house. But while a single-hung window is the most common choice for many Canadian houses, it has both pros and cons to learn about before signing a contract with your window replacement company.


  • A single-hung window costs less as compared to other window styles since they have fewer parts and less glass area.
  • Thanks to just one movable sash, a single-hung window is extremely easy to operate and safe for kids.
  • Space-saving, which makes them perfect for small spaces. It allows cross breezes and extra light to catch all the square footage in a room.
  • It is versatile since it comes with different shapes, styles, trim, wood, and finishing options.
  • Energy-efficient. Many companies offer Energy-Star rated single-hung units that help to cut down on annual energy bills and increase the comfort of your house in winter/summer.


  • There is less ventilation since you can only open the lower part of the single-hung window.
  • Canadian homeowners have a hard time cleaning single-hung windows. You need to go outside to clean the exterior surfaces, which is an inconvenience for 2nd or 3d floors in your house.

When It’s Time To Replace Your Windows?

Timing is essential when planning for window replacement. You should note signs concerning your windows that will alert you to get new windows in your home. These signs include;

  • Faulty Window Operation

As windows age, they develop balance issues leading to sticking and jamming. It could be caused by moulding, rusting, or rotting, which indicates that it is time to get new units.

  • The Recurring Presence Of Cold Drafts

You can feel drafts when standing close to your window. It is an indicator that the window seals are damaged and generally compromise the thermal stability of your home.

When you find yourself putting extra load on your HVAC system, it’s time to replace your windows. If not, the energy bills will be higher than usual.

  • High Utility Bills

Old windows are unlikely to be energy efficient. If you feel like your utility bills are too high, it is time to consider getting new Energy Star-rated windows.

  • Decay And Water Damage On Window Frames

If your window has cracks, chippings, broken glass, or decay, it is time to replace it to enhance the overall décor of your house.

Which Is The Best Window Frame Material To Complement Your Design?

If you want to match your new windows with the exterior/interior of your house, knowing which material fits your needs is essential. When it comes to window frames, there are a lot of choices. Really. But the most popular are:

  • Fibreglass
  • Aluminum
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Composite

All of these frames have their pros and cons, but Vinyl is the go-to option for you if you need affordable, long-lasting, and sleek material. It perfectly complements any design, can be painted as you like, and does not require much maintenance (compared to wood, for example, that needs to be regularly painted). Moreover, if you are looking for the most energy-efficient frame, Vinyl is definitely what you need.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Single-Hung Windows?

If you are still not sure whether single-hung units would work best for you, it is time to learn a bit about the alternatives you can go with. And the first one is obviously Double-Hung windows. While you may consider it funny, since these units are actually super similar to Single-Hung windows, they still have their peculiarities.

The main difference between single-hung windows and double-hung windows is how they operate. In double-hung windows, both sashes are movable, and this brings you:

  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Easier maintenance due to the possibility of both sashes be tilted out

Another great alternative to Single-Hung units is Sliding windows. They are the same but installed horizontally. Sliders have a bigger glass area that brings unobstructed views outside and more daylight into your space.

Get The Correct Installation

If you choose to go with Single-Hung windows or you decide to pick another window style, that’s fine. But here comes another important aspect – installation. Even the best window would not last for long if it were installed poorly. It means you need to hire a professional and avoid the DIY approach. When looking for a great window company, take into account the following:

  • Only deal with the skilled installers that have many positive reviews online and successfully completed projects similar to yours.
  • Make sure your company follows the CSA guideline and your local building codes.
  • Only buy the Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested windows. This ensures you get the best products when it comes to energy efficiency and overall performance.
  • Check the warranty. It should cover all possible issues connected with glazing, frames, painting, etc.
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