Should You Hire A Pro Or DIY Your Remodel?


House Remodeling

Do it Yourself (DIY) remodels are fun and creative. You get your say on what you want, like the colors and textures, and you can make space your own. You may also save costs since you won’t have to hire out help. Enlist your family, and that’s it!

Or is it?

The truth is, DIY remodels can get cumbersome fast. Some nightmares of DIY projects are:

  • Leaving the room in question a mess
  • Leaving the walls half-painted
  • Deciding you didn’t like the colors because you didn’t test the lighting first
  • Deciding you don’t like DIY
  • Money spent since you’ll likely hire a professional to help fix it

It could’ve been simpler to hire a professional contractor from the onset. Or, look to websites like Contractor Training Center to find out how to get your certification (if you meet all requirements).

What to Keep in Mind When Looking to Remodel

If you haven’t received the proper training to do a professional remodel, it may be in your best interest to hire out. Remodels aren’t meant to be painful. Keeping an eye on the result, remodels are meant to give you a joyful, new feeling.

Also, a remodel isn’t a quick DIY project like making a garden bed or laying down sod. It’s the whole reinstitution of a part of your house. Ask yourself these two fundamental questions when it’s time to remodel:

  1. How much time do I want it to take?
  2. How much can I afford to do?

Both questions are imperative because #1 (time) will involve #2 (money). If you want a complete job done within a specific time frame, meet the proper requirements to get certified to be a contractor. Your other option is, of course, to hire an already certified professional contractor.

When it comes to a whole part of your house or an extension to your house, the options above are your strongest contenders. Remember also that you’ll have to check with your local authorities to ensure compliance with any big job.

Does Completing a DIY Project Make You a Pro?

What makes you a professional contractor isn’t just how many DIY projects you’ve completed but the time you’ve put in and certifications you’ve received, which vary per state.

Professional contractors have certifications and have gone through some pretty tough testing to get licensed in specific states. Different states have different requirements, so if you’re thinking about becoming a contractor, check with your state. Some will allow certain reciprocity with other state licenses, which may be beneficial depending on where you live.

Why Are DIY Projects Fun?

Many shows are about remodels, refurbishing, or home improvement of some sort if you look on TV today. In all honestly, the projects do look like fun. Fun enough to pique the interest in DIY.

If you do want to DIY, start with something easy. Please note that painting a wall isn’t that easy for some. So, start even easier—perhaps painting a door. See if it feels good. Only you will know the answer after completing a quick DIY. Just remember, being a pro means having the right license and certifications under your belt.


Measure the size of your project and decide what you’d like to do. For a quick project, why not give it a try yourself as long as you’re safe. For something bigger like a remodel, think about putting in the time and going through the right certifications or hiring a professional like OC Kitchen and Home Remodeling to help.

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