Should You Invest in Central Heating or Not?


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Despite the popularity of central heating systems in Utah, they aren’t always practical. These pieces of equipment cost more to buy, install, operate and maintain. While a furnace, boiler or heat pump can keep an average household comfortable throughout the coldest months, having one is unnecessary.

If you have an old point-of-use heater, you may be better off getting a new fireplace in Salt Lake City. Below are the signs that your situation doesn’t merit central heating equipment upgrade.

You Get Hot, Dry Summers

The capacity of a typical central heating system is high enough to warm up several rooms at once. But it only makes sense to get such a powerful machine if your local weather is generally cold all year long.

In regions that experience both cold and humid months, central heating is worth the investment because the system can be integrated into a cooling unit. For instance, a furnace and an air conditioner can work one system since these appliances share the same control and distribution systems.

In moderate climates, a heat pump can provide sufficient warm and chilled air on demand and distribute its output through a radiant heating system or the ducts.

But if you normally experience hot and dry summers, you may only need one or two space heaters and no cooling equipment at all. A hot summer season is usually more tolerable without humidity, and abundant natural ventilation may suffice to cool rooms.

You Only Need to Heat a Part of Your House

If you can get by warming up just one specific part of your house, then a space heater is a sensible choice.

A fireplace with a heat-air exchange system in the chimney blows the hot air back into its room of origin. Since upstairs areas are usually warmer anyway because hot air rises, building a fireplace downstairs, in the living room or family room, can ensure the main spaces of your house remain pleasantly warm when it gets colder.

Portable space heaters, electric or combustion, emit infrared radiation, sending heat toward their direct line of sight. Some of these small devices are smart enough not to give off thermal energy continuously into the entire space to allocate heat more efficiently.

You Lack Space to House a Bulky Heating Unit

A central heating system involves more components, which are usually bulky enough to require plenty of room. This fact is especially true when it comes to a forced-air unit that depends on the ductwork. If your home is too small to share your precious space with such a large appliance, a space heater will suit you better.

You Don’t Want to Overspend

If you’re not ready to spend a fortune for a central heating system, particularly when your house lacks the infrastructure to install a furnace, a boiler or a heat pump at a lower cost, don’t pull the trigger on it.

Fixed space heaters, like fireplaces, may also cost much, but they help improve home value in other ways. These structures can be decorative and serve as a heating source at once.

It’s never easy to choose the most appropriate heating system for your situation, but the safer bets are often obvious. As long as you shop around with the right mindset, you can narrow down your options more easily and make a sound decision.

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