Should You Move Out When Remodeling?


One of the prime concerns while remodeling – well, apart from remodeling choices themselves – is whether or not to move out. There are certainly some issues that you need to consider before making that decision. And you will have to weigh in the pros and cons to decide. Following are some aspects to consider while choosing whether to move out when remodeling.

The Scope Of The Works Matters

Kitchen Remodeling

Whether you should move out when remodeling has much to do with the extent of the works. Are you only remodeling a room or two? Are those rooms quite necessary for your everyday life? If you’re only remodeling your living room, you could probably stay. Also, if you’re remodeling one bathroom and you have two, you can visit. Choose the perfect design for your bathroom and see it brought to life right there, in your home. However, if you’re remodeling more rooms and aren’t sure you can make it, it’s better to move out.

If you’re remodeling just your living room, you can probably stay;

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How Much Will The Works Last?

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Again, if the remodeling will last only a week or so, it might be easier to leave the contractors to “do their thing simply.” Other times, people decide to stay precisely when the work lasts for a brief period. But, you also have to consider this – the longer the works, the more time you will have to rent out a place. It might not be that affordable in the end, and this is quite important, and with this, we come to another item on the list.

Think About The Costs

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It is quite often the main item on the list of pros and cons. Well, if you’re trying to decide whether to move out when remodeling or not, you have to include it. It is essential to get the cost estimate of moving out and staying in.

In case you want to move out when remodeling, you have to think about the following:

  • How much will rent a place cost? You are seeking for a place close to your workplace/your kids’ school/your partner’s job. It may feel like you’re on the hunt for a new apartment. If you decide to stay in a hotel, that can also raise costs significantly.
  • How much will the moving cost? If you find a place nearby, the best option might be to hire assistance for your local relocation. While you can find affordable deals, you still need to account for that if you want to move out when remodeling.

However, if you decide to stay, this can cause other expenses. Namely, some contracts charge more if you stay there while they’re working. Mainly, this complicates the work for them. In such a situation, you can ask them for a quote for either condition. That way, you will know precisely what would be more affordable.

Some contractors charge more if you stay;

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Do You Have Any Kids/Pets?

Remodeling The Kids’ Room

If you have kids or pets, then the best option is for you to move out when remodeling. It is challenging to keep children away from any repairs, let alone a whole remodeling job. Especially if you’re remodeling the kids’ room, they are too interested in the works, and it is almost impossible to keep them away. Also, if you have toddlers, you cannot merely ask workers to stop what they’re doing for nap time.

Also, when it comes to pets, they are usually averse to noise. And, as you might have guessed, noise is a big part of remodeling. While it may be possible to keep them away if you’re remodeling only one room, it’s more complicated if the works are more extensive. Also, consider this. Contractors cannot watch over your pets, and it’s possible that they might try to escape if they find a door open. In any case, if you have children and pets, the best idea might be to move out when remodeling.

Think About Cleaning

Home Cleaning

Yes, it’s vital to think about cleaning when you’re remodeling. If you choose to stay while the contractors are there, naturally, you’ll want to clean up after them. But, that can get pretty annoying quite fast. Also, if one part of your home, let’s say, the kitchen, is inaccessible, this can cause other complications. Where will you wash dishes? Where will you wash your clothes? And how long can you indeed do that?

Cleaning when you’re remodeling can get tiresome;

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Should you decide to move out, it’s necessary to hire the best movers out there. Get movers that can do everything that needs to be done swiftly and efficiently. That is, hire movers that will know how to move you and your family without causing any stress. Companies like Orange Movers Miami can do that for you. Ask them for a quote and learn about the deal they offer. You’re going to be satisfied.

What Else To Consider When Deciding Whether To Move Out When Remodeling

Some of the things most people don’t think about when deciding about this are the real health hazard that remodeling can be. When contractors get to work, there’s bound to be a lot of dust, and possibly harmful substances being released in the air. And, while contractors usually have protective gear, are you willing to wear it all the time?

Another thing that you may want to include in your consideration is the fact that you may spend a lot of money on restaurants. Sure, you can freeze food, prepare it in a toaster or a microwave. But it stands nowhere to the home-cooked meal, especially when you have children. So you will have to consider having food at restaurants or eat quite unhealthy for the foreseeable future. If you continue this habit, your health is bound to suffer.

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