Should You Use Ceramic Paint on Your Home’s Exterior?


Ceramic Paint

Painting exterior walls is an effective method to dramatically upgrade your property. Repainting them enhances your house’s curb appeal and increases the durability of outer walls. A freshly painted property is visually more inviting and resilient against weather damage. Homeowners plan extensive paint jobs after a few years as a preventative measure. However, general unawareness has led many to use a type of paint that is not suited for outdoor weather. It can be frustrating to refresh the exterior more regularly than one initially intended to.

Ceramic paint is gaining traction for its multi-functional properties as a healthier paint alternative than the traditional ones. Contact a NACE inspector and check if you can use ceramic paints. It is commonly used in and around the house as the paint is engineered to offer more protection against the sun. Applied similarly to conventional exterior paints, you only need patience and timely preparations to complete this task. All you need is a positive attitude and a set of quality tools, and your home can have an eye-catching face-lift with formidable integrity.

What are the Benefits of Using Ceramic Paints?

Increased Weather Protection

Nature can be a harsh foe for the house as severe weather conditions can take a toll on the exterior wall’s foundation. Ceramic paint offers a protective outer coating resilient against even the cruelest of climates. Tough ceramic microspheres block moisture to seep into your home and prevent outlandish mold or mildew to build on the walls.

Moreover, the compact tiny sphere formation enables ceramic paint to create a dense layer of protection from direct precipitation damage. Whereas traditional paints contain low-quality fillers that are susceptible to weather elements. Lastly, the compact sphere formation stops insect or pest infestation because of its extra layer of defense.

Tough Against Daily Damages

Walls can start looking tired and damaged over the years of accumulated beating from mundane activities. Dents caused by banging a ladder or scratches from your pet dog, all damages take a toll on the house’s charm. Ceramic paint has excellent tensile strength and is far more robust compared to its traditional counterparts.


Lasting between 10 to 25 years, ceramic paints can last longer than traditional exterior paint alternatives. Hence, the repainting process becomes more cost-effective over time as the paint has a longer life. Its durable and tough finish makes it an excellent choice for exterior walls due to its long-lasting capability. Likewise, the tough outer layer can withstand fading due to sun or damage, prolonging the life of the paint even more. The insulating ceramic layer outperforms other paint options in resisting algae and mold formation.

Shield Against UV Rays

Long exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause fast paint deterioration, premature fading, and coat cracking. Devised with ceramic microspheres, the paint is highly reflective and deflects UV rays with ease. It helps keep an insulation layer and lower heating/cooling bills. Unlike other paints that look dull after heavy sun exposure, ceramic paint fends off UV radiation and maintains the intended curb appeal for a longer time.

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