Shutters vs. Other Window Treatments: 4 Things Every Homeowner Should Know


Window Shutters

Did you know that your windows don’t have to be standard glass panes? You might wonder, how?

Today, there are several revamps you can make to your window to enhance its aesthetics. Window treatment is one such revamp.

A window treatment is an additional covering to your window for aesthetic purposes. However, you can invest in one to add to the performance features of your windows. Shutters, blinds, and curtains are examples of common window treatments. Each of these differs in functionality and design.

What Are Shutters, Blinds, And Curtains

A shutter is a solid window covered with vertical or horizontal frames on the left, right, and center louvers between them. Blinds more or less carry a similar definition to shutters, with the difference being in installation.

The shutter is fixed into the window frame, while the blind is fixed inside or above the recess (distance between the window pane and pane.) On the other hand, curtains are fabrics you hang over your window. For expert guidance and a stunning range of window treatment options, don’t hesitate to contact Bumblee Bee Blinds in Omaha, Nebraska.

This article looks to highlight shutters over other window treatments. What are the aspects you must know about this comparison as a homeowner? These are discussed under the following features:

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is an aspect window that should be provided in your home. With window treatments, you want to know if they’ll hinder ventilation.

Shutters have louvers that allow you to control air circulation in your home. When you fully open the louvers, you’ll have unrestricted airflow. However, if you don’t like the feel of strong breezes on your skin, you can angle the louvers to reduce airflow strength. It’s good to point out that your shutters will only function this way if you install them correctly. It’s best to work with experts in the field, like Universal Shutters. They’ll install your shutters correctly.

Blinds will also give you the shutters’ level of air control. However, the same isn’t as similar with curtains. Although curtains allow airflow into your space, you can’t use them to control the amount or strength of air getting into your home as you would with blinds and shutters.

  1. Lighting

There’s a high likelihood you depend on your windows to provide natural lighting in your home during the day. Therefore, your window treatment should also meet these needs. There are times when excessive lighting can deprive you of comfort in your home or wreak havoc. Can your window treatment help control the light?

With shutters, light control shouldn’t worry you. As previously stated, these treatments have louvers you can angle to achieve your desired needs. By lowering the louvers, not necessarily closing them completely, you can block direct sun rays from entering your home. As a result, you won’t worry about glazing or fading household items like fabric furniture.

Since blinds are also louvered, you can also control the amount of light entering your home. The difference between the two comes in eliminating light in your space completely. Shutters will do better at this than blinds since they’re made of solid structures that don’t let light pass through them. On the other hand, blinds made of thin material, like fabric, can let light pass through them, defeating your purpose of eliminating light.

Curtains will function similarly to blinds; it depends on the fabric’s thickness.

Window Blinds

  1. Privacy

Privacy is an essential aspect of your home. You don’t want anyone outside to know what you do in your home. Windows more or less work to give you privacy, but adding window treatments will help revamp this feature.

All three window treatments will give you the privacy you need when you close them. The twist comes with them meeting this function while availing themselves of other needs. For instance, you might require privacy, lighting, and ventilation during the day. Some window treatments will provide you with this, and others won’t.

Shutters are one of the treatments you can rely on for all three needs. By angling your louvers, air, and light can still pass through while preventing a direct view into your home to give you privacy.

With blinds, you can barely achieve privacy and lighting simultaneously; you have to forego one need.

  1. Costs

One of the common aspects most homeowners want to know about design alternatives is costs. You want to know how much each will cost you, both for the short and long term.

In this case, you want to factor in the cost of acquiring the materials, installation, and maintenance.

The cost of materials is determined by the material you select for the three window treatment options. Some materials are more expensive than others.

On installation, shutters are considered expensive compared to blinds and curtains since the installation technique is a bit technical. With maintenance, expect to spend less on shutters. The materials commonly used to make shutters like vinyl are easy to clean since they only need regular wiping with a damp cloth.

For blinds, the maintenance needs depend on your choice of material. Some, especially those made of fabric, accumulate dust and will need hand washing, which adds to your expenses in one way or another.


According to the discussion, although shutters have similarities to other window treatments, the difference is quite evident. With this information, you can make several informed decisions, such as choosing the ideal window treatment for your home.

On the other hand, if you’re a business owner dealing with shutters, you have the insight to convince clients to buy from you, citing the merits of shutters over other options.

All in all, ensure this article positively impacts your home.

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