Signs You Need Professional Home Furnace Repairs


Furnace Repairs

When was the last time you turned your furnace on? If you are like most people, it’s probably been a while.

However, as cooler temperatures move back in the area, it may be time to crank it up again. When this time comes, you expect things to work correctly, right? Do you know the signs of a problem or when you should call for professional furnace repair?

According to information from WHO, your home’s interior temperature should not fall under 64 degrees. If it does, you may face health risks that come with exposure to excessive cold for extended periods. For the very young or very old, this recommendation is 68 degrees.

Keep reading for some of the top signs; it’s time to invest in furnace repair to ensure you remain warm and comfortable all winter long.

It Blows Cold Air

One of the most obvious signs of a problem with your furnace is if it has begun blowing cold air from the heat registers. The air produced by your furnace should never be cold. If it is, it’s a sign something is wrong.

If your furnace is producing cold air, take time to see if it is just for a few minutes or if the cold air continues coming out after the system has “warmed up.” If it remains cold, don’t wait to call for a professional inspection.

Minimal Air Produced

When you hold your hand up to the heat registers in your home when the furnace is on, can you feel anything coming out? If not, this is another sign of a problem.

When operating properly, your furnace should produce a steady stream of warm air and blow it through the heat registers in your home. If this isn’t happening, then it’s best to call the professionals to find the underlying issue.

There may be a problem with a belt, fan, or the motor in the unit`.

Strange Sounds When Operating

When your furnace comes on, does it sound like an airplane is about to take off? If so, this is not a good sign. You should not notice any new, loud, or unusual sounds coming from your furnace after it is up and running.

If there are strange sounds, then it means the underlying issue needs to be found. If your furnace is “talking,” you need to listen because it’s a sign of a potentially serious problem that may require expensive repairs.

Leaks Around The Exterior

If water ever appears randomly around your home, it’s not a good sign. When this issue is not addressed, it may result in the growth of mold and mildew, which can damage your home and belongings. Make sure to look at your furnace from time to time to ensure no water is coming out.

Don’t wait to call for service when you notice a problem with your furnace. Taking time to call the professionals will help ensure your furnace continues to work properly and efficiently now and in the future. It can also help prevent more serious and expensive repairs from occurring.

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