Signs Your Cottage Foundation Might Need Some Work


Cottage Foundation In Need Of Repair

Foundation issues are an incredibly common and, unfortunately, expensive issue that can affect many cottages and homes. However, despite its widespread nature, many cottage owners do not recognize the signs of foundation issues.

Whether you’re in the market for a new cottage, like these Port Carling real estate options, or just concerned about the stability of your current one, the building’s foundation is, well, the foundation upon which it stands.

Here are some signs to watch out for that could indicate structural issues.

Here are some things you can inspect around your cottage to see if you have structural issues that you need to treat before they become a problem.

The Foundation

While this may sound obvious, the clearest sign that your foundation may be deteriorating is to check the foundation itself. Seeing tiny cracks and crumbles in the foundation is usually nothing to worry about, but anything substantially wide (roughly a 1/4” or more) is one to watch out for. Additionally, be wary of horizontal cracks, as they can be signs of significant structural issues.

Also, look out for what is known as “sinkage,” where one section of your cottage is leaning, heaving, or sinking in a particular area. This may appear like the foundation is sunken into the ground or, on the flip side, raised completely out of the ground.


A less obvious place to look for foundational issues on the roof, at your chimney. Foundation issues can travel up through the sides of your cottage. Conversely, chimneys can have leaks that cause the exhaust to corrode. If you find your chimney has cracks or is crumbling, you may have structural issues.

The Walls And Ceilings

Foundation issues can easily find their way inside of your home. You may have noticed the cracks along with your ceilings in rooms or down from the tops of the wall. This may be a sign of a structural issue causing the walls and ceilings to shift.

These types of racks are usually only cosmetic and not a pressing issue. If you are unsure, it’s best to get them inspected by a professional. It should be noted that there are other reasons that minor cracks may appear in the walls and ceilings, such as humidity changes, plaster decay, or new construction settlement.

Uneven Flooring

If you find your room to appear slanted or even, it may signify foundational issues due to it sinking to the ground in one or more areas. If you can’t be certain, try placing a ball or rolling object in an area to see if it rolls slightly on its own. Otherwise, laying out a bubble level will help you to determine a slope.

Less Functional Doors And Windows

When your foundation shifts, you may find that your doors and windows are becoming less functional.

If you find a window or door in your home has suddenly shifted, a foundation issue may be to blame! This may lead to them catching, sticking, and being overall hard to open and close. On the flip side, they may also become loose and constantly open themselves or not close properly.

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