Signs Your Home Has Mold Contamination


Mold Problem

A mold problem will always be a serious issue. Molds reproduce quickly, and once their spores get in the air, mold removal can become tough. The problem with mold at home is that it doesn’t immediately clearly announce itself. It exists almost everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, especially the dormant microscopic mold spores.

One of the reasons a house could be infested by mold is exposure to moisture since fungus thrives in humid surroundings or in areas with moist conditions. Moisture activates dormant spores and triggers active mold growth. Aside from house contamination, physical symptoms may also result from millions of quickly-reproducing spores getting released into the air.

The different parts of your home won’t be the only ones to pay the rent when mold takes up an unwelcome residence in your house. Yes, you heard it right–your skin, lungs, and eyes will suffer, too. That said, it’s essential to be aware of the mold problem at home so you could immediately find a solution for it.

Here are some warning signs that your beloved house has already been contaminated by mold:

  1. You’ll Notice Bubbling Paint On Your Walls

One of the more apparent signs of a mold problem at home is bubbling paint on your walls, especially near a window or in the bathroom. The culprit for this is moisture. As previously mentioned, when there’s moisture, there’s a high chance for mold to grow. Many homeowners commit the mistake of covering the problem up with a new and fresh coat of paint, but that’s not going to solve anything.

When your walls show bubbling paints, it would be best to find where the moisture source is to solve the problem. It could be leaky plumbing, too much humidity, or a leaky window sill. Once the moisture issue gets fixed, that’s when you can start repainting. However, don’t forget to do some scraping, patching, cleaning, and drying of the walls before you start rolling on the first coat.

  1. Weird Smells Come Out From Your Chimney

Most people know chimney sweeps only as a way to remove the dangerous buildup of creosote. However, they can clean the toxic mold out, too. The mortar and porous bricks of chimneys can get exposed to moisture. It happens when chimney caps or flashing become rusty and start to allow snow and rain to seep in if left without repair. It, of course, creates a thriving environment for mold.

So, when the wind blows in a particular direction and weird smells start coming out from your chimney, the reason could be moisture and, yes, mold. The best thing to do is to have the cap and flashing fixed and call a chimney sweep to destroy the mold issue.

  1. You’ll See Mold

It’s easy to distinguish an ordinary soap scum from mold, especially in your bathtub or shower stall. However, a little further investigation has to get carried out in the cellar or basement to find the fungus. Damp areas are also one of mold’s favorite places, so when dampness collects in your floor or wall, chances are you’ll see mold or mold spores there as well. You can also see them hiding in dark areas and corners around your home.

Sometimes, you can’t easily see all the mold, and it’s the reason why you have to conduct a thorough inspection of your home once or twice every month. Focus on the susceptible areas, especially during the year when the growth of mold is rampant. Always remember that the quicker the mold issue gets identified, the faster it can be remedied.

  1. You Have A Lumpy Attic Insulation

Take a closer look at your attic insulation. Wave off some spider webs, and if you see the insulation of your attic uneven and very lumpy, you’re up for some dangerous problem. Roof leaks might have caused the insulation to be in bad shape, and if that’s the case, then mold could be there, too. An ideal condition for mold growth gets created when your attic has improper ventilation or poor circulation, so you might want to check yours out and act immediately.

  1. Health Symptoms

As previously mentioned in this post, a mold problem at home may also result in physical symptoms. Health symptoms that point to your home getting contaminated by mold include experiencing watery eyes and feeling congested and listless. These problems begin when you step through your front door. There’s a need for you to start being mindful of your physical symptoms, including how other people in your house feel. Mold could be the culprit if you’re all feeling the same.


Mold Remediation

What’s most important is that once you suspect that there’s a potential mold problem in your home, take action right away and do something about it. You can reach out to a mold remediation service provider so that the mold problem doesn’t get prolonged, as well as to protect the health of your entire family.

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  1. Thanks for helping me understand the signs of having molds in a house. My uncle told me that he’s having difficulty breathing lately and it’s getting him worried. After reading this article, I realized that his home is contaminated by mold! I should suggest that he look for a mold expert who can test and remediate any molds that they can find in a home before it gets worse.

  2. My uncle told me that there are times where he’s experiencing episodes of him feeling sick along with watery eyes each time he’s staying in his living room. I had no idea that these are symptoms of mold exposure, and mold growth could be caused by moisture around the home. I should recommend that he contact a mold removal expert before it gets worse.

  3. It was helpful when you said bubbling paint is a sign. My walls have bubbling pain. I’ll have to look into hiring a mold remediation professional.


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