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Bathroom Design

Redefining the look of your washroom seems like a wholesome task, but it just requires minimal accessorizing of your washroom. While revamping the look of your washroom, you need to understand the vibe and purpose you want to portray from your washroom.

Aside from the size of your washroom, it contributes to enhancing the look of your overall house. Every room has a story to narrate, so does a washroom narrate a tale of comfort and chicness.

Make Your Bathroom Look Stylish

Listing below some minimal washroom accessories to revamp the appeal of your washroom.

  1. Automatic Taps

An automatic tap is a significant addition to your washroom. In the light of the current situation of the pandemic faced by the world, hygiene has become a foremost priority. Automatic taps upgrade the elegance of your washroom as well as:

Just put your hands below it, and the infrared sensors will let the water flow for the set time and stop automatically. Touchless & hygienic, to its best.

  1. Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

An automatic liquid soap dispenser scales up the stylish appeal and the cleanliness standards of the washroom. It uses infrared sensing technology to detect human presence and only dispose of the required quantity of soap. The dispenser heightens the functionality of the washroom by:

  • Diminishing the water wastage
  • Escalates the hygiene factor
  • Reduce the soap wastage by disposing of the needed quantity
  1. Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the must-have washroom accessories contributing to scaling up the design and feel of the washroom. There is a whole array of mirrors to opt for, like Folded Corner Mirrors, Angular Double Mirrors, Mirrored Vanity, LED Lit Mirrors, Wood Framed Mirror, Brushed Metal Wall Mirrors, and even Frameless Mirror.

Mirrors are classified into three categories:

  • Plain Mirror: Plain mirror is a simple mirror that is used to reflect your exact reflection. They are the most common and essential type of mirror that is incorporated in the washroom.
  • Convex Mirror: Convex mirror reflects light outwardly and creates a smaller image.
  • Concave Mirror: Concave mirror creates a larger image, providing you with more detailed reflection to concentrate on specific areas. It magnifies every inch of your face to have a clear and larger view to do make-up or shaving.
  1. Hand Dryers

The transmission of bacteria is more likely to occur from wet skin than from dry skin. Damp hands are capable of spreading 1000 times more germs than dry hands.

Therefore, the proper drying of hands after washing should be an integral part of the hand hygiene process in health care. Then a hairdryer dives into light, a functional as well as an elegant washroom accessory.

  1. Air Curtains

Air Curtains are a suitable addition to your washroom. It elevates functionality as well as helps in maintaining the hygienic environment of the washroom. In addition, it addresses the comfort and hygiene factor. It contributes to enhancing the experience of your washroom by:

  • Preventing dust
  • Climate protected
  • Free of insects
  • Maintaining odors
  1. Storage

Storage levitates the appearance factor as well as the utility of your washroom. Keep several points in mind while constructing a storage or cabinetry:

  • The style of storage varies from traditional to contemporary. Select a style that defines your personality and contrasts with the rest of your interior of the washroom.
  • Keep in mind the functionality of the storage. The usage of the cabins will help you decide the design.
  • Select the material carefully, as the storage you will build in the washroom will come in contact with the water. The material you use should be water-resistant as well as should complement the ambiance.
  1. Plants

Plants add up a refreshing aura to your washroom. Keeping indoor plants in the washroom gives it an apt and exhilarating atmosphere. Plants have vibrant colors that induce the feeling of positivity and create an enthralling experience for the visitor.

  1. Towel Rings And Rails

Towel rings and rails are a small but quite functional accessory that elevates the overall user experience of your washroom. While deciding the look of your towel rings and rails, make sure it goes with other washroom accessories to modify your washroom into a style statement.

  1. Lean A Ladder

Incorporate a unique way of storing washroom essentials by leaning a ladder by the wall of the washroom. You can put plants, scented candles, towels, and other elements that give your washroom a contemporary feel.

  1. Shower Skylight

The shower skylight modifies your washroom with the essence of nature. It is a minimal addition to the washroom, which evokes its earthiness. Allowing sunlight in the washroom also helps in maintaining the sterling factor of the washroom. Thus, providing a pleasant and hygienic experience to the user.


These small changes can surely levitate the appearance and experience of your washroom. You require a brief understanding of the theme you want to set for your washroom. Then you are good to go to fabricate a washroom that speaks the language of vogue.

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