Simple DIY Projects To Maximize The Space In Your Home


Ways To Maximize The Space

Struggling to find space in your home? Whether you lack storage space, need an extra bedroom, or are making space for a new family member coming along, it’s easy to quickly fill up all the available space in your home, no matter the size.

Creating a more spacious home can have significant benefits, helping you to not only declutter the space around you but also giving you more room to think, relax and enjoy your home, rather than curse it. You might be thinking, ‘It’s time to move to a bigger house,’ but before you make any big decisions, there are some simple and cost-effective things you can do to create a surprising amount of space in your home.

Check out the top tips below on some simple DIY projects you can do to maximize the space in your home without breaking the bank.

  1. Take A Few Tips From The Interior Designers

Sometimes it’s all about appearances, in which you can make a room seem much bigger just by redirecting or reorganizing the furniture. One of the best ways to accomplish space is by using contrasting colors with bright, airy walls and mood furniture like dark rugs and coffee tables to add some warmth and tone.

Lighting is also an excellent way to create the appearance of more space. Mood lighting like spotlights, lamps, and LED strips can make a difference in the feel of a room. Try also letting in more natural light by removing old blinds and hefty curtains, as well as moving any furniture in front of doors and windows.

Some other top decorating tips include:

  • Use mirrors to reflect light
  • Create a room focal point
  • Don’t buy furniture that’s too big for the room
  • Get rid of clutter
  1. Invest In A Steel Building

If you’re desperate for an extension but don’t have the budget, or you’re looking to utilize the space in your backyard, a steel building could be a great option. When considering your options, you should find out about the basics of erecting a steel building as they’re very easy to self-assemble and are much quicker to install than waiting for lengthy planning permissions from your local authority.

Some of the best uses for a steel building include a home office, an extra storage space, a playroom, or even a guest house.

  1. Use Space-Saving Furniture

If you’re living in a smaller home, it’s important not to buy furniture that can outsize your rooms. While you might love a particular design, be mindful of what fits inside your room while allowing space to still move around. If you can’t pull the chairs out from that glorious new table, then it’s no good!

You can also turn rooms into multifunctional spaces by using daybeds or pull-out sofas to make guest rooms a functional home office or movie room when your guests are not around.

Got an unused space under the stairs? Try turning it into a cupboard or even a space for your beloved pet! If you need ideas, Pinterest is a great resource.

  1. Go Open Plan

You’d be surprised what a difference knocking down a few walls makes. If your rooms are cramped, dingy, and nonfunctional, why not consider knocking down a wall or two to open the space.

Today’s way of life means that open-plan kitchen diners have become the new norm, allowing people to busy themselves in the kitchen while also being able to entertain guests and interact with the family.

  1. Declutter

One of the most obvious points, but it goes without saying, having a lot of clutter can make even the largest of homes look small. To tackle this problem, try to sort out and hold a garage sale to make some extra cash from the things you don’t need anymore.

You could also invest in some clever storage like built-in wardrobes, shelving, and hooks to store things like your bike on the ceiling in the garage.

So, before you go looking for a new home, consider these top tips to improve the amount of space while being gentle on your wallet. It will thank you in the long run!

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