Simple Security Solutions – 4 Ways To Protect Your Home


Your home is your safe space — a place where you can be yourself, and unwind from the pressures that await outside. When your home security becomes compromised, it can be hard to get that feeling of comfort and familiarity back. Adopting simple security solutions will allow you to breathe a little easier, and it doesn’t have to be a significant investment of your time and efforts. You can also achieve this heightened security through measures that are not going to be obtrusive. Here’s how you can integrate security solutions into your home.

  1. Security Doors

Security Doors

Security doors are a lot different from what they once were. Previously they resembled something you would find in police beat station – far from the inviting impression you want to leave your guests with. They are now available through reputable providers who are known for blending functionality with style. You would have likely heard of the CrimSafe brand, but many others like it have been keeping Australian homes safe. There is a style to suit any home and relatively simple addition that will give you immediate security.

  1. Modern Camera System

Modern Security Camera System

Before you think a camera system might be a little too much, familiarise yourself with the climbing crime statistics. Modern camera systems are finding their way into the suburbs, as they are almost always out of view and they give homeowners an extra layer of security. If you are known to take off to the beach during school holidays or travel through the week for work without your family – cameras may be the right investment for your home. Most modern systems will allow you to access your camera feed through your smartphone, so you can get clarity on what is going on inside and outside of your home with a simple keystroke.

  1. Alarm Unit

Alarm Unit

You wouldn’t dream of having a commercial property without an alarm system, so why do residential properties rarely get a look in? Your home doesn’t have to be a multi-million dollar investment to warrant an alarm system. Your belongings and family are precious no matter your net worth. Install an alarm system in your home, and educate your entire family on how to use it safely and correctly. There is no one size fits all with alarms, and you can have your alarm code keypad hidden or in view. You can also choose whether you want a loud ringing alarm or a silent alarm that won’t allow those unwelcome guests the chance to flee.

  1. Smart Landscaping

Smart Landscaping

Landscaping is so much more than garden design and pool layout. Your outdoor spaces set the scene for some of the most important moments in life shared with family. And their value doesn’t end there if you are rethinking your landscaping concepts, design flow with security in mind. Large hedges, gate, and tall trees will obstruct the view of those who are trying to work out the entry points of your home. With criminals, it is a numbers game. If your property presents as too hard, they will move on to the next prospect. Harsh but true. Create some mystery to your home with smart landscaping that will do more than impress your guests.

That’s just four simple ways to protect your home. Make home security a priority of everyone within your home. Some intruders will only steal your goods, but in some instances, the outcome has resulted in situations far more sinister. Don’t be left wondering what if, and integrate these simple security solutions into your home today.


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