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Happy Home

Your home should be your personal heaven, a relaxed place where you get happy when walking through the door. If you’re not feeling this way, look at the following tips to make your home more comfortable. The answer can be different for each person, of course, but there are some valuable tips and tricks that will enhance the vibe in every space.

Giving Your Home A Happier Vibe

As years go by, collecting things you don’t need or love anymore is easy. Whether they’re gifts or purchased items you once liked, they might affect how you feel in your environment. It has been proven that clutter can psychologically affect your brain and how you think about your home. What does clutter say about a person? Clutter in someone’s living room might suggest you have blockages in your life, socially and mentally speaking. According to studies from New York Times, clutter in your bedroom relates to problems surrounding your love life, showing fear of intimacy. Homes with excessive clutter and disorganization are symptoms of a heavier health issue, as someone who has suffered emotional traumas often finds housecleaning an impossible task.

If you have a clutter problem, like too many things in your home or office, it’s a sign that you are overwhelmed and more stressed than you realize. Clutter is an abundance of things that create chaotic living spaces, according to professors of psychology at Universities around the world. Studying the causes of clutter, it has been shown that it can impact a person’s emotional well-being, affecting people of all ages.

However, please don’t feel guilty about it. From now on, make sure you surround yourself with stuff that honestly brings you joy. Don’t hold into things that make you feel wrong about your home; sell or donate them to someone who genuinely makes good use of them. Then, next time you go shopping, be intentional about buying stuff you truly love. Items in your home should be valuable, bringing you strong emotions. Whatever things get you negative responses should be removed or hidden in a drawer. Put them away so that you can delight in your home every day.

Create Stylish Zones In An Open Plan Space

If you live in an open space, like a studio apartment, or have a more oversized kitchen and living room, you know the importance of creating zones. The best way to determine boundaries is by all means to partition walls. Room dividers help slip a room into zones, making the space more extensive and intimate. Plenty of affordable and chic partition walls go perfectly in homes or offices. Glass partition walls, for example, fit perfectly in an office building. You don’t have to worry about private conversations being heard. Glass partition walls are ideal for modern offices, as they provide an improved sense of space, noise insulation, and transparency.

Turn Your Space Into A Zen

In these incredibly stressful times, it’s almost impossible to find relaxation and peace in our lives. One of the fewer options is to make your home a Zen place. It’s why Zen decorations have increased in popularity and become so modern nowadays. Zen refers to meditation – interior design shows balance, relaxation, and harmony. Although Zen doesn’t come with strict rules, it’s often used in minimalist homes, providing simplicity and purity. It’s instead a good way of arranging your home and developing an ambiance that decreases the stress and hassle of your daily routine. Are you interested in achieving that in your home?

A Zen-inspired design idea is all about earthy colors and soft tones, such as grey, white, and shades of beige. These have the power to encourage a sense of relaxation and calmness. It’s also important to consider the visual continuity between walls, floors, and furniture. You may want to choose to combine a single dominant color with matching items, like white or beige with rosewood. You can also play with degrades of your favorite colors.

Make It Smell Great

The scent in your home tells a lot about yourself. You know the feeling when noticing an odd smell in a house? Like no one lives there, having your home smell weird or like nothing is not going to make you feel better about it. You may want to wind up your home with a mixture of different aromas. Add essential oils to your filter – only a few drops and the whole house will smell fresh and clean! Lavender and lemon are familiar scents people choose to refresh their homes. These aromas also provide a sense of relaxation and are free of chemicals.

It’s pretty easy to sense that funky smell in your kitchen because of the garbage disposal. Lemon peels and ice cube trays with water – are two powerful ingredients that create a chemical-free deodorizing you can use to eliminate the odd smell in the kitchen or deodorize your rugs. Or you could simply make your own room freshening spray using water, alcohol, and essential oils. Also, scented candles are not only best to enhance your room with fresh and sweet scents but also very calming when it’s bedtime. Make your home smell heavenly with these simple tricks!


We spend so much time in our homes, so it’s essential to create a space that brings us joy. Nothing will lift your mood better than an organized home where sunlight beams through the windows and the air are fresh and clean. Ensure you feel good when coming home by using the above tips to create an inviting and refreshing space.

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