Simple Ways to Brighten Your Décor: Flowers in the Home


Colder months are approaching, so make the most of the remaining sun by decorating your house with colorful blooms. Flowers can brighten up any space, and they’ll most certainly brighten up your rainy Monday! You don’t need a man to buy you flowers – this weekend, take a walk to the local farmer’s market or florist and pick a bunch to compliment your home and treat yourself. You’ve worked hard – you deserve it!

Casket Spray Roses

Whichever florist you choose to explore, take your time. Enjoy the fresh smell, the pretty ribbons, the fridges packed like a rainbow. Visiting a florist can be a soothing experience, like wandering through an art gallery. Each florist is an artist with a unique style, so find one that agrees with your taste in aesthetics and get those fingers pointing; calla lilies for the tall glass sitting on your antique cabinet? Or perhaps some blue and purple hydrangeas to add some magic to your white walls? Pink peonies as a nod to Blair Waldorf? Something is calming about stepping into a florist, like shopping for shoes, except this is a more zen purchase. Check out mother’s day flower delivery Sydney for an additional idea of making mothers happy during mother’s day.

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Once you’ve picked the perfect bunch, how about organizing a potluck dinner? You can show off your favorite petals (any old ones you can hang upside down – the color of dried buds will last a lifetime, plus they look rustic!) and reminisce with good friends, wine, and food. We may be wearing sweaters and warming our hands on a hot cup of joe, but we can remember summer through its flowers. So whip up an aubergine and courgette lasagne or piping hot gumbo, and warm yourself up.

Consider getting your friends lafleurdeluxe rose arrangements in a box if you want to treat them to a special gift of flowers.

Mother's Day Flowers

As you eat and drink, remembering the things you did and promising to do the rest next summer, those lush flowers will add something special to the intimate scene. It’s important to remember that flowers aren’t just for grand occasions such as weddings, birthdays, or graduations. Every day can be your new best day – it only takes a little tailoring and pre-planning! Make your home an extension of yourself and keep it looking beautiful, no matter the season. Imagine drinking a cup of green tea in bed with your favorite book, propped up against soft cushions, a thick duvet keeping you toasty, with the rain beating outside, and your favorite flowers on your bedside table, adding color to your life.

If you’re looking to preserve a colorful and beautiful smelling garden year-round, Lamour et Fleurs Gardening blog presents 10 annual flower species to grow.

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