Simple Ways To Make Your House Feel Like A Home


Whether you have lived in the property for many years or only for a short period of time, there’s never a bad moment to start making your humble abode feel like a home. Knowing how to make your space feel personal can be quite challenging if you have no idea how to put your own stamp on it. However, this blog may come in useful in giving you some useful examples to take or use as inspiration as to how you can truly make your house feel like a home.

  • Incorporate Family Photos

Family Photos

Family photos are the perfect way to integrate the personal touch into your home décor. They ultimately act as a favored reminder of the memories shared – whether it be parties, vacations, or special occasions in life. Try and cluster photos together to create a visual display either in the hallway or living room for guests to admire when they visit but refrain from going overboard, or it could give the impression of a cluttered mess.

  • Upgrade The Kitchen

Upgrade The Kitchen

The kitchen often becomes the hub of family activity and life, and so it’s not surprising many agree it’s the most important room in the home. Without a functional kitchen, the family is likely to be split up across rooms, making it difficult to communicate – especially in the mornings and evenings when everyone typically comes together to spend time with one another. Think carefully about how your family interacts and how you would like it to interact before considering how to upgrade your kitchen to suit your requirements. You might need to knock down an existing wall to expand the space and plan a new kitchen design with specialists such as Kitchen Capital.

  • Bring The Outdoors In

Bring The Outdoors In

Bringing the outdoors ‘in’ can make space feel more personal. Everyone will do it differently – through large doors that can be fully opened in warmer months or having flooring for the indoor space match the outdoor space – creating a seamless ‘floor.’ Bringing plants into your space – small trees as well as flowers or pot-plants can help you feel much more comfortable in your home and to be at one with nature. Some research has suggested that house plants can also significantly improve mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Studies suggest that certain plants have air-cleansing qualities, which release oxygen and filter out harmful toxins within the room emitted by cleaning products or furniture off-gassing. There are various ways you can display plants as part of your interior décors, such as hanging them up or placing them on shelves or the floor – you need to ensure that their own needs (light and water) are met.

  • Create A Cozy Glow With Lighting

Create A Cozy Glow With Lighting

When it comes to evenings and colder weather, making your living spaces feel warm and cozy will help to beat the winter blues. When choosing to light, steer clear from blue-tinted lights as this can be extremely harsh on the eyes and make a space feel clinical rather than homely. Instead, opt for yellow-based lighting to achieve a soft glow, either with candles, lamps, or even fairy lights – you can use day-light bulbs for main-lighting and then have warmer side lighting, allowing you to switch between moods.

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