Simple Ways To Update The Décor Of A Bathroom


Bathroom Decor

One easy way for a homeowner to refresh the look of his or her home is to give the master bathroom a makeover. Changing the room’s color scheme, replacing faucets, or remodeling the shower can provide a traditional bathroom a modern appearance. Take a look at a few ways that homeowners are refreshing the appearance of their master bathroom.

Replacing the Faucets


When a homeowner replaces the faucets in a bathroom, it can lend a stylish appearance to the entire room. For instance, a person may have a bathroom sink with a traditional chrome spout in the center and a basic handle on each side. To update the sink, the person may replace that with a single handle design featuring a brushed nickel finish. Fortunately, homeowners have many designs and finish to choose from. New hardware for the shower is another idea. One example of a store that offers shower panels.

Putting New Tile in the Shower

Shower Tiles

Changing the color or design of the tile in a shower can improve the look of a bathroom. For example, a homeowner may replace a collection of ceramic tiles with modern glass tiles. This instantly updates the style of the shower. Plus, the glass tile reflects the light in the bathroom, giving the entire room more illumination.

Hanging New Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

Sometimes replacing an old mirror can be a quick way to change the look of a master bathroom. For instance, a homeowner could take out a combination medicine cabinet/mirror and put it in a large circular mirror. Homeowners who want to add elegance to their bathrooms could hang a large rectangular mirror in a gilt frame.

Changing the Color of the Walls

Colorful Bathroom Walls

Repainting the walls of a bathroom is another easy way for a homeowner to refresh the look of the space. Walls that have been sky blue for years can be repainted in beige or bright white so the homeowner can hang a couple of colorful pictures. Or, walls that have been brown or dark green for decades can take on a new look with a coat or two of primer followed by an appealing shade of yellow or lavender. Replacing dark paint with a lighter paint instantly gives a bathroom a more spacious appearance.

Sometimes making small changes to a bathroom can give it the refreshed appearance that a homeowner is searching for.

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