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Living room chairs

Chairs are mostly subordinates in a living room sofa setting of your decor. Complete the look by complementing your sofas. Ensure that they are placed close to the windows to take advantage of natural light. Finding the perfect chairs for your living room isn’t rocket science. Go for chairs that fit the size and theme of the area. The budget helps you distinguish what’s needed and what’s not. A chaise lounge looks inviting but is expensive. If you have a small living space, spending an exorbitant amount of moolah on a chaise lounge would be futile. Try investing in occasional chairs. They are modern, come in a large variety of styles, and are great space-savers.

Since a living room is one of the most communal areas, it is important that you bring in furniture that suits all types of tastes and comfort.

If you’re redoing your garden area, then try finding something along the lines of the Garden chair collection by Loom crafts.

A chair and a half is a versatile piece of furniture that is large yet smaller than a two-seater. These are apt for smaller living rooms and bedrooms. This sober and modest-look chair and a half from basset furniture will look good in simple yet sophisticated abodes.

Sofa set

A chaise lounge chair is apt for huge contemporary abodes with wide spaces. You can do away with ottomans if you have chaise lounge chairs in your living room.

This massive chaise lounge chair in white looks is apt for reading rooms and television rooms. So just sit back and enjoy your action flick in the comfort seater.

Contemporary accent chaise lounge chairs for living room with pillow cream design

Then you have a club chair that’s cushy and mostly has leather upholstery. These exude a warm and inviting look to your rooms. Do you have a huge bar area that needs some glamorous revamp? Check out designer Lee Broom’s Rough Diamond collection of furniture pieces. We particularly liked the eccentric-looking club chair with light fixtures. Apt to spruce up your bar area!

Club chair

Sitting more proximate to the surface is the slipper chair. These are armless chairs, stout in appearance, and apt for dressing and powder rooms. Pearl white slipper chair with blue floral prints fits the rustic fireplace appropriately.

ikat slipper chair collage

Armchairs look chic and fit all types of decor settings. For instance, this Pasha Armchair from Address Home, with its glass-like appeal, looks sassy. With its one-of-a-kind look, this chair will be ideal for quaint corners in your abode.

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