Six Decorating Details You Can’t Miss for a Country Chic Home

On December 30, 2015 by Brooke Chaplan

If you’re ready to redo your home and love the look of country chic style, then you can have a lot of fun creating this casual feel. With any country finish, it’s all about the soft colors, delicate fabrics, and feminine atmosphere. Best of all, you can incorporate all the things you love without worrying too much about matching exact styles and finishes. However, there are a few accessories and details you can’t miss out on if you want your home to have that distinct country chic feel.

Mix of Materials

Six Decorating Details You Can't Miss for a Country Chic Home
Simplify your decorating efforts by mixing iron and some well-worn woods. Rustic metal can be painted in a light color to better fit in with your theme, and wrought iron often feature feminine circles and filigrees that will help you achieve the perfect look.

Go Girly

The country chic style is all about embracing your femininity, so go with more pillows, soft finishes, and soothing colors. Feel free to add an elegant chandelier to the living room, or put fresh flowers on your nightstand. You’ll appreciate the look, and you’ll love how it makes you feel.

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort

Six Decorating Details You Can't Miss for a Country Chic Home
It bears repeating: country chic style focuses on comfort. Look for plush seating that you can sink down into and truly relax in. If you have a collection of upholstered dining chairs with different fabrics, then bring them into alignment with matching slipcovers.

Everything Old is New Again

Get creative with your use of antiques. You can use decorative picture frames for your artwork or mirrors. Go with reclaimed window frames for architectural accents on walls, or to showcase some of your favorite things.

Be Creative with Pictures

Six Decorating Details You Can't Miss for a Country Chic Home
If you’ve been going through old family pictures, then you may have found some unique images you can have some fun with. If you want something a little more formal, use bold landscapes and use them to dress up your walls. You can find a lot of local landscapes from artists like Sean O’Neal Photography if you want something close to home. Decoupage an interesting image onto a trinket box to dress up some storage as well. It’s an easy way to add interest to the space.

Give Yourself the Storage You Need

One great benefit of this style is you’re not forced to do things a certain way. You can take an awesome dresser and use it anywhere in the home for extra storage. Give it a distressed finish and store office supplies in it, or use it in the dining room as a buffet.

Have fun with the country chic look, and be creative with the way you use items. Go for a feminine, soft look in everything that you choose and you’ll soon have a space that’s casual, comfortable, and perfect for you.

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