Six Easy But Unusual Home Decor Ideas For Thanksgiving


Home Decor Ideas For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is an annual national holiday observed and enjoyed all over the US and Canada, Brazil, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Liberia, Norfolk Island, and Leiden. It is celebrated to rejoice in the harvest and blessings of the past year. It is a harvest fest which gets celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. In America, the holiday season starts with Thanksgiving. Turkey, beans, corn, autumn, fall are the common themes of Thanksgiving, and people usually decorate their homes based on these themes. So, these are quite common as Thanksgiving home decor themes all over the world. And that is why easy but unusual Thanksgiving home decor ideas are quite an on-demand. We will suggest a few such easy but unusual Thanksgiving home decor ideas for your next Thanksgiving in this article. Let’s check out how you can decorate your home with exceptional Thanksgiving ideas.

  1. Stone Name Cards:

Stone Name Cards

Name cards are an essential part of Thanksgiving. We all place name cards on the table on the day of Thanksgiving. Wooden or paper name cards are quite common, and almost everybody uses either of them every year on their Thanksgiving tables. But name cards made of stones are pretty unique. You can use painted or glittered stones as name cards on your next Thanksgiving.

  1. Gilded Autumn Fruits Centre Piece:

Gilded Autumn Fruits Centre Piece

Centerpieces are an attractive part of the Thanksgiving table. These days a large meal takes the place of the centerpiece. People use various things and themes to prepare the centerpiece. Many people use fruits as a decoration in autumn, like red or green apples, pears, pomegranates, etc., to prepare their centerpiece. But you should make it unique and for that give those fruits with a unique touch. Gilt them and found them more attractive than before.

  1. Sweater Pumpkins:

Sweater Pumpkins

Pumpkins are very common at Thanksgiving. It is found in every Thanksgiving party. But to make it unique, add some adorable multicolored sweater pumpkins to the Thanksgiving home decor of yours. It is easy to prepare at home.

  1. Use Calligraphy:

Use Calligraphy

Calligraphy makes words look amazing. You should try to write down all your Thanksgiving notes and cards in calligraphy to make those look unique.

  1. Hand Embroidered Table Cloth:

Hand Embroidered Table Cloth

Use a hand-embroidered table cloth to cover the Thanksgiving table. Write down all the guests’ names with a disappearing ink pen, and then embroider those names with threads of multiple colors. It will make your table beautiful as well as the whole family will feel loved.

  1. Pinecone Garlands:

Pinecone Garlands

Uses of pinecone can be found in Thanksgiving parties based on the theme of fall. You can prepare a unique pine cone garland and hang it in a decorative way inside or outside your house to give your home a festive look.

Thanksgiving is enjoyed with the whole family through the large feast, family games, and festive mood. And these beautiful, unconventional ideas will give your home a unique Thanksgiving look. So, try these easy but unusual Thanksgiving ideas this Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving is a harvest festival to celebrate the harvest and blessings of the previous year where people prepare a large feast and invite the whole family to rejoice the day through games and activities and enjoy the festival. These unique thanksgiving decor ideas may help you to celebrate the day with joy. Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

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