Six Ideas For Gorgeous, Modern, Small Office Interior Design


Modern Office Design

Whether you’re opening a new office or redecorating your current space, there are several trends in designing and decorating small office spaces that are beautiful, efficient, or inviting – or all three. Avoiding the tired look of regimental lines of cubicles and stuffy office décor is critical to employee satisfaction and making a positive impression on visitors. Here are a few trends we love in modern, small office interior design:

  1. Dividing Without Walls

The open concept of the 1980s and 1990s didn’t fare as well as many had hoped. While a completely open room seems more expansive and encourages interaction, people soon realized it could add to distractions and too much noise. Today’s small offices use modern room dividers that can easily move around for versatility and quickly create different room layouts. The room dividers serve as walls to minimize noise and distraction but still allow light to enter every corner of the space. You retain an open feeling without being too open.

  1. Artwork

Remember when office art consisted of oversized, framed motivational posters? It wasn’t pretty, and it didn’t motivate anyone. In today’s modern office, the artwork is more sophisticated. The most popular options are abstract art or landscapes. Both of these provide an opportunity to rest the eyes after gazing too long at a computer screen. They don’t need interpretation and can be enjoyed by anyone of any age.

  1. Bright Colors

Bold pops of color bring life and energy to a small office space. Depending on the size of the area, you can incorporate a statement wall in color like cobalt or orange or opt for a few small accent pieces throughout the space. Beige or grey rooms with little or no color are dated and boring. Add bright color to keep things lively.

  1. Rugs

Industrial carpeting is no longer the go-to for modern offices. Instead, floors are made of durable materials such as concrete, epoxy, or hardwoods that are easy to clean and sanitize. Contemporary office designers are now using rugs to add comfort and color. Rugs can define specific areas in an open concept, such as indicating the conference room or break area. They are easy to remove for cleaning and don’t lock you into a single floor plan.

  1. Comfort

Hard plastic chairs and uncomfortable but pretty furniture have fallen out of favor in modern, small offices. You’ll find a wide range of sleek but comfortable furnishings for your office. Innovative furnishings such as sit and stand desks are also popular because users love them for their versatility and ability to alleviate discomfort from sitting at a desk all day.

  1. Lush Plants

Placing green plants in various sizes throughout a small office brings nature indoors. Offices with a few potted plants have more productive workers. The employees have lower stress levels and are more comfortable in general. Plants also increase oxygen levels in the space, which helps with alertness and focus. If possible, use one large floor plant in an unused corner, and add a few small table-top plants elsewhere.

Creating a modern, small office environment can be difficult, but your customers and employees will both appreciate your efforts. If you want to be sure you’re transforming your office in the best way possible, consider hiring a workspace planner to help you create your vision.

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