Six Of The Most Kid Friendly Furniture Ideas In All Creation


When it comes to kid-friendly furniture, these examples are not only functional but fun.

  1. Ottoman With Storage

Ottoman with Storage

Fight the constant mess in your house by planting vinyl-covered ottomans with interior storage space in the family room and kids bedrooms. There are also plastic cubes designed to be lightweight for moving from room to room. You can enjoy looking at new designer stackers or geometric-shaped pieces instead of clutter for a change.

  1. Sofa Fabrics That Work

Sofa Fabrics That Work

Gone are the days of shutting off the living room to the small ones. After all, it is their home, too. Instead, select easy to care for fabrics when designing your room with the right furniture. Microfiber, leather, vinyl, and wool are all great choices for using as upholstery because they’re so easy to clean.

  1. Coffee Tables Made For Wear

Coffee Tables Made For Wear

Keeping scratches off of beautiful furniture, especially coffee tables, is a never-ending job with kids in the house. Select a model made of reclaimed wood with a scratch-proof coating, or use a company like Creative Furniture Galleries to find side tables or contemporary furniture lines that have an acrylic finish. Wicker is also a favorite for being able to ward off bruises and bumps.

  1. Show Off Work

Show Off Work

The refrigerator doesn’t have to be the only spot for hanging artwork and crazy pictures of your kids. Frame those unique pictures and show them off beside your wall hangings in living rooms and dining rooms. Use a mobile or wire to clip them up and change them out frequently. New pictures like these will be noticed and appreciated as art by your kids and visitors.

  1. Colorful Headboards

Colorful Headboards

Your child’s bedroom is their castle. Protect the walls and bring out their favorite colors by using a large painted board as a headboard. Get creative with stripes, circles, or wall stickers to make it bedtime a treat. Let your kids pick out the colors and stickers, and you may learn something new about their changing tastes.

  1. Clear Canisters Everywhere

Clear Canisters Everywhere

All those crayons, small toys, and trinkets will eventually find their way under furniture without somewhere close to being placed. Collect different sized clear canisters and make a game of filling them up with items your children have collected. Make sure they are all full at the end of the day.

Cover Up

Don’t forget about the floors! Wood is in, and inexpensive area rugs can be used to add color and texture for playing floor games. Plastic rugs and placemats are great for keeping spills and messes to a minimum as well.

Turn your house into a kid-friendly home with these simple ideas. Sticky fingers, spills, and accidents are going to happen. By turning your rooms into kid-friendly spaces, you will feel more at ease while the kids are playing, and they will be more content as well.


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