Slick Wet Room Shower Ideas That Impress!


Wet rooms are great functional areas for those that want to utilise space in their home. Offering a walk-in shower, they are particularly useful if your bathroom space is limited and can look amazing too. If you’re looking for slick wet room shower ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a look at some of the best designs out there now.

Though the thought of showering on your bathroom floor may not seem initially appealing, wet rooms are growing in popularity. Allowing you to shower in an open space, they’re convenient and surprisingly comfortable to use. There are plenty of different design options on Bellabathrooms to suit your preference for the bathroom style.

  1. Rain On Me Shower Style

Rain On Me Shower Style

For some people, there’s no better feeling than that of refreshing, heavy rain and, now you can have that very same effect every time you shower. One of the most sought-after shower types is the one best you can find. Mimicking rainfall, it’ll create a serene shower experience and adds a beautiful feature to any wet room design. Even with a small wet room, you’ll still be able to install this shower for an invigorating flow of water. Some of these showers come with LED technology which gives the full control over the water pressure.

  1. Big Screen For Added Privacy

Wet Room Screens

Is the thought of standing outright in your bathroom to shower not sitting well with you? Try adding a screen for extra privacy! While still creating an open space to shower, by adding a screen, you may benefit from keeping more of the water contained within the showering area, and it can make a beautiful feature too. There are lots of stunning options available if you’re looking for a screen to add to your wet room design. For a simple yet beautiful design, consider a clear ceiling to the floor glass screen.

  1. Shower With Tray

Walk In Shower Tray

If you’re not into the idea of standing on the bathroom floor while showering, you can add a shower tray into the mix for extra comfort. Go for a low profile tray that isn’t bulky if you’re hoping to achieve a sleek wet room look. Made using lots of different materials from acrylic to stone, there are so many options to help meet your dream wet room design.

  1. A Feature Wall With Shower

Wetroom Shower

Just as freestanding bath adds an undeniable elegance to any bathroom design, a wet room shower can improve the design of a bathroom too. By creating a feature wall for a shower, you’ll save instantly life the aesthetic of the area. There are lots of variations of the shower wall that you can choose from. For a luxurious feel, consider stunning marble as your material of choice, otherwise explore with colourful tiles, textures and wall panels.

  1. Tiles Are Everything

Wet Room Tiles

When it comes to designing any room, you should consider all the factors. One of the most important aspects of a wet room for both practicality and aesthetics are the tiles that you choose to you. You’ll want to select tiles that are highly resistant yet stylish. There are lots of different options from large, modern designs to smaller, unique tiles. Why not try using two different shades to create contrast?

Now that we’ve introduced you to some of the best-wet room design ideas that are fashionable right now, you can get creating with your very own stylish showering area! Offering the convenience of a walk-in shower, you can go for a feature wall or, a simple glass screen to keep things minimalistic if you’re looking for shower enclosure and wet room fixtures, head online for further inspiration.

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