Small Apartment: Living Room with Sliding Door


Modern Living Room With Sliding Door

A proper arrangement of the furniture could accent the sliding glass doors while making the small apartment living room more convenient for the family and the guests. The sliding door to the balcony or in the patio is a light to the room and adds additional entrance and exit. This can be an issue for people who décor home with four walls instead of three. Here some basic tips which will help you accentuate doors while keeping the living room comfortable and cozy.

Make Layout Of Room, List Of Furniture And Accent Pieces

Modern Living Room Sofa Table Cushion Sliding Door Ideas

Study layout of the room and identify the angle and relationship of the room’s main entrance and sliding glass door. Don’t arrange furniture such that it faces completely away from the main entrance.

Brown White Living Room Modern Style Architectural Glass Sliding Door

Place the main seating of the living room either facing or sideways to sliding glass doors, and in case the main entrance is on the opposite wall, sliders position the seating to face one of the other two walls. The main entrance is on the wall adjacent to the sliding glass door, face the main seating towards sliders with its side toward the main entrance.

Position the secondary seating such as it faces the main entrance of the room. If sliders are opposite to the main entrance wall, this will mean placing seating in front of sliders and then selecting small pieces such as armchairs.

Space Your Seating According To Size Of Available Space

White Brick Wall Living Room Blue Knitted Pouf

Place the television or the entertainment-related equipment on the remaining wall. This will place entertainment equipment because of the seating area, but it will not be the room’s focal point. A bookshelf can also be effective to fill space.

Contemporary Living Room with Glazed Doors to Garden

You will get light from the sliding door so place art pieces and decorative items on the wall opposite to doors.

Arrange Rest Of Furniture Pieces And Decorative Around Basic Layout

Essential Tips:

If the sliders are in the east or the west, prepare for intense sunlight in the morning or evening.

For a small room, secondary seating space is limited, so the best is not to overcrowd the room with large pieces.

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