Small Kitchen Design Ideas For 2019


Small Kitchen Design

Today, it is not hard to find information on how to design a small space kitchen. Regardless of your budget and available space, there are many kitchen design ideas to choose from. You can start from scratch and do the research independently or solely rely on pros such as Advance Remodeling to do everything on your behalf. Any of these options will make it very easy for you to end up having a small kitchen this year, but before you choose the design, it’s important to consider several factors first. Before we get into them, it doesn’t matter if you have the prettiest kitchen if you can’t keep it clean. For that, be sure to check out the best robot mopping cleaner around. In addition, one needs to be aware of several basic rules that allow doing this quickly and efficiently.

It should be noted that a kitchen is considered small with an area less than 8 square meters, or in case it is narrow, walk-through, or has an irregular shape. You can choose your furniture and equipment suitable to make the room beautiful and functional for each of these options.

You need to pay careful attention to the pieces you’ll add to space with a small kitchen. You’ll be doing many things in your kitchen, mainly cooking and dining, which is why you need to make sure that the pieces you’ll add to your kitchen will allow you to do all of these things freely. Adding bulky and big pieces of furniture and appliances to your kitchen will only make your space look and feel cramped.

Colors can also change the perception of a kitchen’s space. For example, when designing a smaller kitchen, you want to use lighter colors to make your kitchen space appear to be larger. On the other hand, darker colors will make your space feel smaller and more cramped, which you typically want to avoid when designing a smaller kitchen. If you are not comfortable with painting your kitchen space, you should consider hiring a painting company such as Metro Precision Painting to do it for you.

You should take care of household appliances not to spoil your interior or block the passage. Ideally, you should create a kitchen layout and visualize where you will place your furniture and appliances. Next, ensure that you measure your kitchen’s available floor space and measure the items you can add to the area. One of the last things you want to happen when decorating your small kitchen is investing in pieces, then, later on, find out that these don’t fit your kitchen.

The best of all is if they are built-in, creating a whole composition with the kitchen. The working surface for convenience must be from 3 to 6 meters – in the future, it will provide maximum comfort during cooking. Having a working surface with this measurement ensures your comfort when cooking while still allowing you and your family to move around the area.

Mini Loft

Kitchen furniture design must be thought out so that the hob or stove would not be located next to the sink or close to the window because it can lead to flame blow-out and other unpredictable consequences.

Furniture – high elements of a kitchen set. For example, a refrigerator is best placed on the working surface’s edges to avoid interruption. Since a refrigerator is bulky, you need to make sure that the appliance has enough space to easily open without blocking other people’s passage or foot traffic. It’ll be challenging for you to make the most out of your small kitchen if your refrigerator blocks traffic or prevents anyone from walking around.

Selecting wall cupboards for a small kitchen and choosing their location, you must first consider the apartment for rent owners’ height so that all family members would easily reach the drawers and cupboards. Still, at the same time, it must be impossible to run one’s head against them.

Best Mini Fridge

A mini-refrigerator in the kitchen will save you enough space. Compared with large refrigerators, small ones are more likely to be well-fitted in the kitchen.

It is clear that ordinary doors will be too impractical and will take up too much space. Thus, make sure the doorway fits your small-sized kitchen perfectly.

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