Small Kitchen Design Ideas for 2019

On April 17, 2019 by Himanshu Shah

Small Kitchen Design

Today, it is not hard to find information on how to design a small space kitchen. However, one needs to be aware of several basic rules that allow doing this quickly and efficiently.

It should be noted that a kitchen is considered small with an area less than 8 square meters, or in case it is narrow, walk-through, or has an irregular shape. For each of these options, you can choose your furniture and equipment suitable to make the room both beautiful and functional.

The first thing you should take care of is the location of household appliances, in order not to spoil your interior or block the passage. The best of all is if they are built-in, therefore, create a whole composition with the kitchen. The working surface for the convenience must be from 3 to 6 meters – in the future; it will provide maximum comfort during cooking.

Mini Loft

Kitchen furniture design must be thought out so that the hob or stove would not be located next to the sink, or close to the window, because it can lead to flame blow-out and other unpredictable consequences.

Furniture – high elements of a kitchen set, for example, a refrigerator is best placed on the edges of the working surface to avoid its interruption.

Selecting wall cupboards for a small kitchen and choosing their location, you must first take into account the height of the owners of the apartment so that all family members would easily reach the drawers and cupboards. Still, at the same time, it must be impossible to run one’s head against them.

Best Mini Fridge

A mini-refrigerator in the kitchen will save you enough space. Compared with large refrigerators, small ones are more likely to be well-fitted in the kitchen.

It is clear that ordinary doors will be too impractical and will take up too much space. Thus, make sure the doorway fits your small-sized kitchen perfectly.

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