Smart Tips For Decorating Your New Apartment


Are you moving into your new apartment? Congratulations. Now it’s time to decorate. While decorating your new space may seem like an overwhelming challenge, it needn’t be. When it comes to furniture and decor, the world is truly your oyster. Finding and implementing design concepts and decor ideas that work for you should be an enjoyable process. All it takes is a little careful thought and planning — along with our practical tips — and you’ll be able to create a home you love in no time.

Your Color Scheme

Right Color Scheme For Your Apartment

Something as simple as fresh paint on the walls can instantly transform a room. However, choosing the right color scheme for your apartment is a big decision — so take enough time to think it through. You may even want to assign each room in your apartment its unique color scheme. You can then walk through your entire apartment, with each room feeling like its own separate space.

If you’re hesitant about opting for bright and bold shades, you can’t go wrong with neutral colors. However, lighter shades open a space up and imbue it with a light and airy feel. You can then add pops of pattern and color with various decorative items to prevent the space from being too boring. If you’re renting an apartment, lighter shades on the walls make sense, as they can easily be painted over again.

The Right Furniture

Right Furniture

When it comes to furniture, make sure you choose size-appropriate pieces for the rooms they’ll be going in. Cramming a large sofa into a small living room, for example, will make the whole room feel cramped and boxy. The larger the room, the larger the furniture can be, whereas smaller rooms should be furnished with smaller pieces. If you can’t afford new furniture — or you’re stuck with pieces you don’t like — consider using slipcovers to transform style and color.

Consider investing in multi-purpose furniture to maximize functionality and make the most of your space. Dual-purpose furniture is also usually essential in smaller apartments! For example, you could get a storage ottoman that doubles as a coffee table or footstool or a small dining table that can be extended to make room for guests.

There’s no need to fill space just for the sake of it. Rooms typically look best with some amount of blank space left around and above furniture and surfaces. This is also true if you prefer loud and bold patterns: balance them out with plenty of white space to give the eyes a break.

Final tip: don’t forget the lighting! An underlit apartment feels cold, harsh, and uncozy. Install multiple light sources in every room to create a warm and luxurious ambiance instead. In addition to overhead lighting, use task lights in areas that need extra illumination (like desks and reading nooks). Finally, accent lighting should be used to show off your favorite pieces of decor; this is a lovely finishing touch that helps make your apartment somewhere you love to be.

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