Smart Ways to Contemporize a Living Room

On August 29, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Your living room reflects who you are or who you’d like to be. From the choice of colors, furniture items and lights to any decorative elements, every aspect, more-or-less, can speak volumes about the person or people who enjoy it.

Those more well-off are likely to hire an interior designer, who’ll try to include all the homeowner’s ideas and not spend more than the budget allows. The homeowner will have several ideas before them and pick the one they feel most passionate about and work from there. Minor adjustments are then made and a final design is agreed upon.

Before We Begin

Contemporary Living RoomProfessional painters, electricians, carpenters and other experts enter the stage after the design has been finished. Depending on the works required, in a matter of days, weeks or months, the happy homeowner has a living room to enjoy and, possibly, show off.

Does that mean that those of us who are keen on the idea of modernizing our living room should give up the whole idea if you don’t have enough money? Most certainly not! A lot can be achieved with a very small budget, provided you implement the right ideas. Let’s look at some options, shall we?


Living Room ColorsThis is something most of us can do on our own. By giving our walls, ceiling, doorway and window frames a touch of fresh and modern paint, we’ve immediately achieved a much more contemporary look. What most designers nowadays recommend is to use various shades of white. Also, if you’re bold enough, you might want to choose an element in the living room and make it a focal point by applying a color which is bound to attract attention. That element can be an accent wall or a doorway, for example.


Modern Living Room
Windows, floorboards, doors, crown moldings, etc. all provide excellent opportunities for improving the overall look of your room. By installing them, or simply by painting them, you may achieve an effect that is much greater than the investment you made.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpet TilesThis is an ideal way to provide contract to your flooring. If it’s darker, go for a brighter rug. On the other hand, if the flooring is bright enough, a darker rug will provide the necessary warmth to the overall feel. Those with kids or pets, or both for that matter, might have a look at carpet tiles. You know it’s only a matter of time before the carpet is demolished beyond repair, so you might think ahead and have a spare tile or two ready to replace the ruined one.


living-room-furniturePossibly the most expensive elements to change. Luckily, there is no rule telling you that you can’t use a vintage item and restore it. Also, changing a coffee table is much cheaper than replacing a sofa, but the effect can be equally amazing. So, choose wisely, see what you can afford and go for it!

Other Elements and Accessories

Air ConditioningOther elements commonly present in living rooms today include TV sets, home-entertainment systems and air-conditioners, to name but a few. “If you look at how design has improved and developed in recent years, you are definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to indoor units. When choosing where to install it you must take into account both the esthetic and practical aspect order to achieve this”, advise Sydney’s air conditioning pros.

New cushions can also do wonders when it comes to giving a place a revamped look and so can lamps. However, be careful. The most dangerous trap you can fall into in your attempt to modernize your living room is to put too many elements and clutter it. Less is truly more sometimes and that is the case here.

The key to success in this process is to adjust your wishes to your budget. If you’re short of ideas, there are tons of pics available on the Internet, often accompanied by stories and tips about the redecorating process. Take your time, plan carefully and see how much you yourself can do. And if your outcome doesn’t really satisfy you, think of it as a stage in a process. Who can call your bluff?

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