Smart Ways You Can Clean Your Home Faster And Better


Maintaining a clean home is important, especially nowadays. It doesn’t only keep disease-causing pollutants and viruses at bay, but it also makes our home more comfortable.

Smart Ways You Can Clean Your Home

However, truth be told, most of us don’t have enough time and energy to do all the cleaning. We already have a lot of tasks to do at work that is draining our energy to maintain the cleanliness of our homes. Lucky for you, though, here are some ways how you can clean your home faster and better.

Start From Top To Bottom

A lot of people don’t know how and where to start when cleaning their homes. Thus, many homeowners just tend to start with the part of the house that they see first.

This isn’t ideal, though, especially if you only have a limited time to do the cleaning. According to Do It Right Cleaning, what you should do is start cleaning from the top to bottom. This way, you can avoid redundant work as the dust and dirt won’t fall on what you’ve just cleaned.

Clean As You Go

Because many of us are so busy with adulting, we often delay our chores, not noticing that they all pile up over time. This makes cleaning harder, requiring more time and effort. As a result, instead of resting on weekends, you’ll devote your free time cleaning your home.

To avoid this, practice cleaning more often. After cooking, for instance, quickly wipe off the grease from your kitchen counters to prevent stains and grease build-up. Also, make sure to clean spills and stains right away from your carpet, walls, etc. This will cut down your time deep-cleaning your house.

Keep Cleaning Tools At Arm’s Reach

Home Cleaning Tips

Keeping your cleaning tools within arm’s reach will help you save more time when cleaning. This is because you won’t need to run back and forth to your cabinet when you need tools and cleaners.

To organize them, you can place all your cleaning tools and cleaners in a small bucket with a handle, so it’s easier to carry them around the house as you clean. You can also use an apron with pockets or a carpenter’s tool belt.

Vinegar And Baking Soda Is Your Friend

By now, you’ve probably seen a lot of ways to clean with baking soda. And guess what, the word is true. This affordable natural cleaner can make your home spotless in just a few minutes, helping you lighten your chores.

You can use it to clean your microwave, polish your silverware, remove soap scum, clean grouts, and more. You can even use it to deodorize your trash bin.

Aside from baking soda, you can also do so many cleaning hacks using vinegar. You can use it on your shower head, sink, windows, etc. What’s even better is that you can mix it with baking soda for more efficacy.

Cleaning is probably one of the dreaded tasks that many adults don’t like because it’s tiring. But, if you know how you can clean faster and more efficiently, you’ll definitely enjoy it more.

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  1. Hi Preeti, Thank you for your simplifying tips on cleaning and taking the fear out of how to maintain the house efficiently. However, I am looking for advice to recover from the mistakes that I made recently by cleaning my carpet on my own.

    My husband and I tried to clean our carpet last Friday with the limited resources we had. But, I found that it lost so many colors during that process. It looks like my carpet is turning pale now. Do you have any tips to bring it back to its previous condition or should I opt for a replacement one? Please let me know.



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