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Living In Irvine

There is no need to explain why California so magnetizes people. Still, when it comes to choosing the best place for relocation, Irvine undoubtedly leads the ranking of the best cities to live in.

The decision about moving to Irvine would be easy to make based on the factors described in this article. It is not only an advantageous location in Orange County but a significantly developed infrastructure, safe environment, perfect business, and cultural climate. Wondering how is it like living in Irvine, CA? Let’s take a short virtual trip to see the inner side of the city.

Is Irvine a good place to live? This is a natural question to ask considering relocation. Irvine has many attractions to offer, such as natural beauty, developed infrastructure, and safe and secure surroundings. However, because this is one of the most popular destinations in California, you should consider whether you can afford this life.

Cost Of Living In Irvine

Now let’s do a simple calculation on how much money an average family with two kids would require annually:

  • Rent expenses or mortgage payment – $33 000.
  • Transportation – $22 000
  • Healthcare – $6 500
  • Food – $14 000
  • Utilities – $4 500
  • Leisure, clothes, household items, etc – $ 30 000

As we can see, nearly $110 000 is the cost of living in Irvine, CA, which would allow a comfortable life with the median individual income of $60 000, which is higher than in the rest of CA. Indeed, be ready to pay more for rent, as it exceeds the country’s average rate price by almost 98%.

Is Irvine A Safe City

While searching for the perfect place for residency, people pay attention to the social benefits. We must admit that Irving belongs to the TOP 10 safest cities in the World. According to those, who are living in Irvine, the city has a low crime rate, confirmed by the FBI data for more than 15 years. Due to the functioning of the traffic management facility, the traffic in the city is under control, and even driving downtown is a safe and enjoyable process.

Climate And Natural Attractions Of Irvine

The picture of Irvine without its natural charms wouldn’t be complete. Worth mentioning that Irvin’s weather doesn’t differ that much from the climate in California. It has overall four chill months during the year, but a maximum of sunny days. But it has a considerable advantage compared to big cities like Los Angeles – this place is free of smog and air pollution. Moving to Irvine, California, opens the possibility to have an active sports life with the chance to hike in one of the parks or preserves. It fascinates its habitats with vies and trails of Limestone and Bommer Canyon. Crystal Cove State Park is another favorite place for locals to enjoy the Pacific Ocean, surf, catch the ocean breathe, and enjoy the sun.

Job In Irvine

The job market and the ability to ensure a stable income are crucial arguments for movers in Irvine. The economy is accelerating in the area, as Irvine concentrates over 40% of the technology companies. Such world giantі as Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Mazda, and CoreLogic located their headquarters here, providing thousands of workplaces. Many bio-medical, tech, logistics, and automotive companies opened their research and development centers there. Many well-known international companies have subdivisions in Irvine, including Deloitte, Infosys, PwC, Bank of America, and many others. It creates a very professional, competitive environment for building a career.

Business Entry Conditions

For those moving companies, Irvine offers spectacular conditions. Whether you are moving a small service or large IT company Irvine City Charter will oblige you to get a license, but the good news is that it is entirely free. The taxation system is also very sparing. Thus, the utility user tax is around1,5, which is comparatively low. Additionally, the commercial real estate market has incredible offers. For example, the Irvine Business Park offers homes for thousands of companies in Irvine, CA.

Education In Irvine

Irvin has a developed education system. Even the public schools are highly ranked for the test score of their students, but those moving to Irvine, CA, with children are impressed with the diverse, inclusive, and highly equipped educational environment. Colleagues and universities in the area pursue the same high standards and offer more than 200 degrees in private and public schools. Besides traditional professions, students enrolled in fashion, design majors, nursing, and sports are the most common movers in Irvine, CA.

Fun & Leisure

Cultural life in Irvine, CA, is an essential element of socialization for the Irvine residents. The city is named one of the livable communities in the US with its extensively developed hospitality services, shopping centers, and community services. Impressionism and contemporary art lovers, ballet, and theater fans would be satisfied by the variety of performances and represented trends.

Irvine may compete in a gastronomical adventure with many other cities. The mix of cultures brings a diverse variety in cuisine, and in combination with excellent service, here is a dining place for every taste and budget. But, of course, the proximity to the ocean affects the boom of seafood places.

Irvine Night Life

A high number of students and creative youth generates demand for nightlife and social things to do. Irvine has a very developed cocktails bars culture ranging from roof tope to lounge. Wine connoisseurs will also be happy to find offers from numerous wineries. Irvine is home to many professional and student sports teams, so the concentration of sports fans is quite intense. To meet their need, many sports bars with craft beer opens their door regularly to a large number of visitor.

Irvine is famous for its creative events. Irvine Global Village Festival is an annual people gathering to enjoy art, and food, share cultures and bring a holiday atmosphere into town.

Senior Living In Irvine, CA

Irvine has become a choice to spend the retirement for seniors living in Irvine, CA. This city has one of the most developed senior communities in the county and even in the whole country. These communities are famous for their high-quality medical assistance at reasonable prices. Besides these economically obvious benefits, the ecology, climate, and atmosphere of Irvine have a positive influence on health and overall stress at a respectable age.

What To Expect Moving To Irvine

It’s hard to find any downsides to living in Irvine, CA. It seems ideal for living with family or without, studying career development, and an active lifestyle. If the Irvine, CA relocation is not a question anymore, all you need to care about is packing and shipping Irvine direction. Cracked dishes or damaged furniture should be the last thing to worry about. To reduce the stress and cost of this process, it might be a good idea to find a decent Irvine moving company. Trek Movers is highly recommended among Irvine moving companies for a great combination of rice and quality. This way, you may expect seamless relocation and instead concentrate on tasting and testing Irvine life in reality.

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