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Water Filter

It has been said over and over again that water is life and it is essential in the development of all living things including humans. Even though this is common knowledge to many people on the planet, the number of water people consume every day is still wanting. Many people attribute this to the fact that many water sources cannot be trusted to be safe for human beings and carrying water around may be tedious and inconvenient.

People, therefore, have to wait till they get home to drink water and in most cases, by the time they get back, they are not thirsty anymore. Studies have shown that the average population in the world today only drinks 2 cups of water a day while the recommended amount is 6-8 cups. Water can be made suitable for consumption by merely using water filters. To learn more about them, you can visit Water Filter Base on the internet.

More About Hard Water

Besides people claiming that most water sources cannot be trusted, another issue that prevents many people from drinking the recommended amounts of water is the quality. Water can be generally classified as either hard or soft water. The primary source of hard water is the groundwater that people get when they drill wells, and the rainwater is the primary source of soft water. The significant difference between these two types of water is the salt or solutes concentration.

The water that is drilled from the ground tends to have a higher concentration of solutes compared to the rainwater which is considered pure.” Due to the higher level of solutes in the groundwater, it tends to have an earthy and undesirable taste in comparison to the rainwater. Many people do not like this taste, and it, therefore, discourages them from taking the recommended amounts of water every day.

How To Soften Hard Water Using A Water Filter

Since there are no benefits of using hard water, many people opt to find means to make the hard water soft. The most common method of softening hard water is boiling. This can, however, be inconvenient because it is not only a short-term solution, but it may also require a lot of energy when you need large quantities of the water.

With advancing technology, a better method of softening hard water has been developed, and it is by use of a water filter. Many people think that the function of a water filter is to remove the sediments and other physical material that is in the water. Today, some filters are equipped with technology that enables them to clean water from all aspects of contamination. This way, the filters can remove not only the physical contaminants of water but also the chemical ones to make the water 100% pure for consumption.

How To Soften Hard Water Using A Water Filter

There are many designs of filters, and they are all excellent at performing different functions. The water filter that is most popular and common for softening hard water uses the ion exchange principle. These particular filters designed with sodium ions fitted on zealot beads. On normal conditions, some of the components found in hard water are magnesium and calcium.

These compounds are usually attracted to the beads, and in the course of the attraction, the exchange of ions takes place leading to the release of the sodium ions. When the sodium ions released into the water, they will add flavor to make the water taste saltier. Since not all people love their water to have a salty taste, you can find a design that allows you to add other filters that will help get rid of the sodium ions. For example, you can have a reverse osmosis filter that will help block out the sodium ions because of their ionic charge, leaving you with delightful water for consumption.


In addition to ensuring that people take the necessary quantities of water, it is also important to ensure that the quality of the water is good. A cheap and convenient way to make water safe for consumption is by use of water filters that come in different designs and operate using different principles. To learn more about the different types of filters and how they work, you can visit Water Filter Base.

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