Solar Powered Gadgets That Every House Should Be Using


How many of us are likely to use solar-powered gadgets for our homes if given a chance?

Well, if these gadgets save energy and money efficiently, then you have more than one reason to opt for solar-powered gadgets. Lately, the use of solar-powered devices has grown within the states. If the Solar Energy Industries Association is to be believed, the prices of solar have dropped by a whopping 60% over the last decade making solar power an affordable option for households.

Here is a look at four super useful solar-powered gadgets that you can invest for your home:

Solar panels:

Solar Panels

More people in the US are opting for solar-powered panels to produce energy. Many companies are now providing the option of panels for homes to make them more sustainable. Worthy mentions in this field are companies like Sunnova, Vivint Solar, SolarCity(far a Tesla venture), etc. The cost of solar panels varies from home to home depending on the living space, and contrary to popular beliefs; solar panels can still produce energy on overcast days.


Solar Powerwall

A relatively new concept in the market, Powerwall is the latest offering by Tesla. Imagine lithium-ion battery which can be paired with solar panels on the top of your roof and saves surplus electricity for future use. Powerwall will both serve as a power source for your home and as a backup battery in case of a power outage. The Powerwall is a handy equipment that is easy to install and mount with relatively no maintenance. It also is dustproof, water-resistant, and can be monitored via the Tesla app. If you are looking for more of such tech offerings, then you should probably head over to your daily fix of the latest tech gadgets doing the rounds in the market.

Portable Solar Grill:

Portable Solar Grill

Yes, indeed, portable solar grills are the buzz of the day, and Kanka Grills offers you just that. This roasting spit grill offering comes with a full rotisserie system that allows you to grill your favorite foods on weekends, whether it is the comfort of your home or a beautiful private outing with friends and family. The grill works with 6 AA batteries and a solar rechargeable battery and can load up t0 15 lbs of food.

Wireless Keyboards:

Wireless Keyboards

Our computers already draw a lot of power while in use, so why not change the equation to a more sustainable idea like the use of wireless keyboards. The Logitech Wireless Keyboard is a smart offering in the market that charges from the sun and artificial light and can also keep a charge for three months in total darkness. At 1/3 of an inch thick, this wireless keyboard can complement your desk at a relatively less cost.

So there we have the 4-major solar-powered gadgets that can be a boon to your home if you are thinking of going green and why not? After all, this is the latest fad doing the rounds around the globe.

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