Some Handy Window Blinds’ Cleaning Tips


Window Blinds Cleaning

Window blinds are a chic and practical alternative to curtains for managing light, heat, privacy, and the aesthetics of your home. The right blinds can serve to both insulate and ventilate a home, making it more comfortable year-round. It doesn’t matter if you have horizontal or vertical slats, fabric, plastic, wooden blinds, or traditional solar shades; dust will accumulate on them. It’s easy to keep your blinds looking new by following these steps to remove dust and dirt.

Let’s take a step back and acknowledge the value of blinds before we dive into cleaning them. Fabric, wood, or plastic window blinds do a fantastic job of blocking out light, keeping a room cool, and providing privacy from neighbours or passers-by; however, they require regular cleaning to remain functional and do their job well, as dust, pet hair, dirt, and other unpleasant debris can accumulate unseen until a significant amount has accumulated.

Your health and your family depend largely on the quality of the air you breathe at home, and this is especially true for people who suffer from allergies or respiratory conditions like asthma.

Our best advice for keeping your blinds looking new for as long as possible is below.

  1. Metallic Blinds Deserve A Good Scrub Down

To prevent the buildup of dust and rust on metal blinds, it is recommended to give them a thorough cleaning once every few months. The aesthetic value of your blinds purchased from the beautiful collection of Ziptrak Blinds Melbourne can be preserved through regular cleaning. You can start by removing the blinds slowly by closing the slats as directed in the manual.

Ensure each blind is completely submerged in water before placing them in the tub’s base. Scrub the blinds with a soft brush and some dish detergent or bleach.

  1. Wooden Blinds Need Delicate Care

When it comes to covering windows to prevent prying eyes or harsh sunlight from penetrating your space, nothing beats the classic appeal, durability, and portability of wooden blinds.

Blinds made of any type of wood can be cleaned similarly. Keep in mind that wooden window blinds should always be kept dry. Wood can still warp and discolour due to contact with water, no matter how well it has been treated. Bleach and ammonia are two examples of harsh chemicals that should be avoided, as they can eat away at the wood’s finish.

  1. If You Use A Vacuum Cleaner

Use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner when cleaning the blinds to prevent scratching or denting the slats. To vacuum the blinds thoroughly, it is recommended that you close the slats in one direction. Flip the slats over and repeat the process opposite before vacuuming the entire surface.

After vacuuming, inspect the floor for any scuff marks or dirt buildup that still need cleaning. Use a damp, non-abrasive sponge to wipe down small, dirty areas. Use a dry microfiber cloth or an old towel to wipe away any remaining moisture and prevent water spots gently.

  1. Lastly, Your Blinds Need A Bath If They Are Really, Really Dirty

It is not always a sweep of a hand. If your window blinds have become particularly grimy, take them down and wash them in a tub or bucket of warm soapy water. The blinds can be washed, but they shouldn’t be left in the water for too long. Be sure they don’t get damaged by cleaning too much.

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