Space For Yourself: Tips To Create The Best Man Cave Or She Shed Possible


Space in the home that you can call your own that others rarely or never enter can be your place of relaxation to get away from the stresses of life. Man caves are more popular, but the emergence of she sheds is equally essential as everyone does need a space of their own. Couples that can designate a few rooms as one for themselves can allow for the space the couples need away from each other. Being able to have your husband have his friends over for a game or a wife have her friends over for a girl’s night without bothering the other party is worth its weight in gold. Below will be an outline to help create the best personal space whether regardless of gender.

Large TV (Both Sexes)

Large TV

Couples do not always agree on what is going to be put on the TV for the night. A large TV can be great for groups that want to watch a big game or those that want to watch a show together. Mounting this on the wall will give it a better look than having a multitude of cords showing making it look messy. Luckily large TVs with high definition picture quality have become far more affordable than in the past. A gaming system can also allow the TV to utilize apps like those that stream movies and shows like Nexflix or Hulu. Surround sounds for anyone watching the TV can be a nice addition as it provides a much better viewing experience.

Pool Table

Pool Table In The Game Room

A pool table can be the perfect addition to any man cave as it can provide hours of entertainment for everyone invited to the man cave. Playing pool is a staple of many man caves regardless of the skill levels of the guests as being lucky at the pool at times can be more important than having skill. These come in all shapes and sizes with some having fitted tops that can turn it into a beautiful large table if hosting a party.

Bar With Barstools

Man Cave Bar Frame Designs

A bar with barstools is what most men think about when they ask for a man cave in their home. A She shed can also incorporate this as everyone enjoys an adult beverage from time to time with friends. Barstools can help set the mood before a big game as people tend to go to their favorite sports bar to watch games throughout a season. A kegerator is a nice touch as well as it allows a person to have company over that can serve themselves a cold beer out of a tap.

Comfortable Seating

Comfortable Seating

Regardless of who is using the space male or female having comfortable seating is imperative. An addition of a few soft blankets can make this a perfect place for a movie viewing or to take the coveted afternoon nap on the weekend. Finding great options online for an affordable price is possible, but it is important to keep the energy of the space in mind. Cup holders in the seats with a USB charger can make a watch party much more comfortable as people can sit/concentrate on the game. There are even sectional couches that have coolers in the middle for those people that are far too intense when it comes to whatever they are watching.

A Makeover Table/Sink/Mirror

Makeover Table

A place in the shed or room where she can pamper herself is perfect for everyone involved. This can help decrease the congestion in the bathroom while getting ready which can turn into a point of contention for many couples. This will also give the lady of the home the opportunity to try different looks without the entire family judging. Finding the right look can be tough if you have a family/spouse that always has negative things to say regardless if the change is positive. A nice long desk or table can also be used for DIY projects or crafts that can help decorate the home as your male counterpart generally is not going to be doing these.

Make Sure To Hire Professionals For Any Renovations Done

Professional Renovation Services

Professionals should do renovations as trying your luck could lead renovations to be more expensive once you realize a professional will be necessary. Getting the space painted is a perfect example as a great custom paint job can be the perfect finishing touch on the space. You do not want a poorly done job that starts to peel after a short time forcing you to look into a company like the one mentioned above to do the job right.

Creating the perfect man cave or she shed depends on the individual and what they want to do with space. The above are tips to point everyone in the right direction, enjoy that space that you can call your own!

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