Space, Function and Fun: Bunk Beds vs. Twin Beds


When it comes to children, play is king, so what is your best option for bedtime? Are two beds better than one? Or is it best to look into the world of bunk beds?

Kids Playing In Bed

A children’s bedroom is their castle, den, forest, and hideaway. The main focus of this is, of course, the bed. It can be a pirate ship, a race car, or an island, whatever playtime dictates.

Bunk Bed Design

Bunk beds are a great way to add some fun to a bedroom with the added extra functionality. A bunk bed can free up floor space and provide storage and a place to stay for a spontaneous sleepover.

Bunk beds come in a range of different designs and styles. If safety is a, there are bunk beds with higher sides for added reassurance. With such an extensive design spectrum, bunk beds can also offer storage, seating, and desk space for homework time.

Thuka Kurt Bunk Bed

The benefits of a bunk bed can help your children enjoy their room to the fullest, adding a fun side to bedtime, and great for when you need to get your little monsters off to sleep.

Bunk Beds Design

Although bunk beds offer great value, fun, and space, a twin bed setup can help break up a room. If your children share a room, each will want to put their design on their half of the room. In addition, twin beds help settle personal boundaries giving each child a sense of ownership of their bed and the space surrounding them. Although this option may be a better choice for larger rooms or siblings who have trouble agreeing, the top bunk/bottom bunk argument can last quite some time. Duck down pillows can be an excellent match for this as well.

Big Girl Bed

Another positive point is that twin beds can prepare children for when they make the transition to their room.

The major downside of twin beds is that they can drastically limit floor space available in your room, making it feel smaller than it is. This can affect the feel of the room and lead to children not wanting to go to bed. Every child needs their own space, and this is especially true when it comes to bedrooms.

Bunk Beds Design For Girls

Final Verdict

Bunk beds versus twin beds; it all depends on the amount of space you have available. In the end, the decision may be best left to your children. If they enjoy where they sleep, they are more likely to stay in bed.

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