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Shelter Design Ideas

Space is a constraint that is beginning to hit us these days. With an increasing population, the demand for space is only bound to rise with time. The three basic necessities of life include food, clothing and shelter. Shelter is nothing but a space with roof on top; a space that you owe. This article will help you utilize your space efficiently.

Furniture Positions in Living Rooms

A good décor for home includes correct positioning of furniture. Would you like a room where there is well designed furniture but they are placed in a stuffy way? Will you like it if there is no space to walk through in your room? Well, I’m sure you won’t. To avoid such problems, designers have come up with foldable and multi-function furniture.

Sofa Come Bed Design

The designs include folding or adjusting one furniture in such a way that it turns out to be some other. The simplest example is a sofa come bed. You can turn your bed into a sofa in the morning after you wake up and vice versa at night while you’re going to sleep. There are several examples of such designs and there are great ideas with pictures on the internet.

Cube Dining Table with Chairs

For your living room, you can go for dining table cube. You can assemble the table and chairs in the form of a cube once you’re done eating.

Compact Furniture for Kitchen

Special designs are available for kitchens as well. There are compact furniture and space-saving models of furniture available for your kitchen. It makes your kitchen look more spacious and helps you cook comfortably.

Best Online Furniture Store

You can buy such furniture online or get them from a store near you. They are abundantly available since the lack of space has hit everyone. You can also come up with your own new ideas and get them designed specially for your room.

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