Space-Saving Garden Ideas That Are Stylish Too!


The recent National Gardening Survey has found that an incredible 77% of American households regularly spend time gardening. Your backyard, whether it is a rambling garden or a small patio space, is a place to relax and enjoy meals with friends and family. It is a place where you can grow beautiful plants and flowers, as well as herbs for cooking, and fruits and vegetables. No matter how big your space, you can still have a practical and stylish garden that you can enjoy all year round.

Ingenious Vertical Planting

If you want to make the most of every available planting space in your garden, then don’t forget the walls and fences. These can be utilized for growing herbs as well as some of the trailing fruits and vegetables, such as strawberries. One of the easiest ways to use fences is to put up vertical grow bags – these usually comprise of four or five rows of pockets. In the top row, fill them with the plants that need the most water, such as basil and other Mediterranean herbs. When you water your plants, the ones in the bottom row will get a natural trickle down from the higher ones. More hardy plants, such as thyme will fair better at the bottom of the fence. Another excellent idea for vertical planting containers is to use Wellington boots or small buckets in different colors.

A Deck For All Weathers

Deck For All Weathers

The deck or patio is often the hardest working area of the garden. It is somewhere to have a morning brunch with family or a Sunday barbecue with friends. During different times of the day, this area will likely be in full sun. In the height of the summer, you will often find that it can be too hot – particularly if you live in the Southern states, where the temperatures regularly hit 90F, even early in the morning. Rather than try and create an area of shade elsewhere in your garden, industry experts at recommend installing a retractable awning to the side of your home. You can fold it out when needed, and put it back in the evening. If it can even protect you from the rain and ultimately saves space.

A Pallet Garden Bar

Pallet Garden Bar

A garden bar area, made from a pallet will make a real statement piece in a small garden. You can paint it to blend in with the plants or go for bright beach hut colors. Before hanging your decorated pallet, first, you will need to remove the three bottom planks. These will then be reattached with a hinge either side and a top chain. This provides your bar with a fold out area to place glasses. Inside the pallet is where you can store spirits, mixers, and beers ready for your party. Whether it is Halloween or the middle of summer, it is a practical addition that will be well used.

Your garden is multifunctional space, for relaxing, entertaining, and growing. Even if you have a small backyard, you can still have some tremendous space-saving hacks that are interesting and stylish. You will have a garden that you are proud of and can’t wait to spend time in.

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