Special Tips on Timber Floor Installation for the House

On May 16, 2017 by Preeti Shah

Timber Floor

Houses must have proper flooring that last’s for a long time, and so many people go for timber floor in order to get this done efficiently. But there are various precautions that a person needs to take while doing timber floor installation. Hardwood material goes a long way to ensure durability to the users. Right from the layout and the selection of the timber, the process should be accurate to deliver sterling results to the users. Wooden flooring plays an important role in transforming the ambience of the house in a wonderful style. Usually, there is a single piece of wood in the timber flooring and it also boasts of thick edges that could withstand rough usage. Different layers of wood are bonded and sandwiched together to ensure high quality flooring in the house.

Important Steps For Rimber Floor Installation

Man installing new laminated wooden floor

In order to prepare for timber floor installation, homeowner must ensure that the base is solid and immune to sustained pressure in the form of wood weight and the foot falls. If the ground is devoid of crests and troughs, the wood laying process would be easy. Make sure that the structural strength of the base is intact before the wood is installed. Sometimes, it makes sense to conduct the timber floor installation on an existing concrete slab because it has impeccable strength to boot. All the shoe moldings on ground must be cleared with 100% accuracy as the floor needs to have top quality finishing for an extended longevity. If there are old doors in the house they must be removed while the new flooring is being installed.

Timber Floor in Kitchen

Homeowners must take active steps of not allowing too many foot falls on the timber wood as the new flooring might crack during of the initial phase of installation. Moreover, excessive heat accompanied by humidity could lead to deposition of moisture and may also spoil the wood.

Wooden Floor In Dining Room

Generally, the timber flooring is placed on the raised wood framed sub floor that would go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. It is completely flat and structurally sound in order to ensure optimum results without any hassles. Long straight board without any dip ensures that the flooring lasts for a very long time. In order to prevent moisture, the crawl space should be sufficiently high to ensure that the humidity does not affect the wood. The flooring must be covered with polyethylene in order to ward off any water entry.

Timber Dining Room

Another important step to installation is the usage of the concrete slab for timber flooring. If the concrete slab is provided moisture in a proper manner, it will act as a wonderful base for the floors. While preparing the layout, determine the joints of the flooring that would help to support the subfloor without any hassles. Installation of the floor starts from the longest wall of the house and continues to the shortest. In order to reduce the floor noise, asphalt laminated Kraft paper is generally applied at underlayment of the floor.

Drawing Room Wooden Furniture

One of the most important steps is the cutting of the timber floors. Power saw is used for this task as it is sharp, accurate and works automatically. It is vital to ensure that all ends of the floor exhibit square shape. For inducing round edges, saber saw is deployed with amazing results.

Luxury Drawing Room Design

While timber board is attached to the floor, face nailing and blind nailing strategies are adopted to complete the job. The conventional by hand approach incorporates drilling a hole in the wooden flooring until it bumps into the surface on the ground. Thus, the hole created can be filled with the wooden putty with similar colors as the flooring. After fastening, the layers of the straight boards should be laid row wise. They must be of different lengths to ensure that a space of 6 inches is left between the rows. Moreover, If you would like to know more about Timber Floor then go here and get more idea timber flooring installation.

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  • It makes sense that hardwood is the best route to go for long lasting floors. I wasn’t sure if timber and wood floors were the same but it looks like they are. I was picturing rough logs on the floor. This article was very helpful.

  • I never knew that timber can crack in the initial phase or installation if you’re not careful about preventing footfalls. My grandma is looking to get some timber decking put in her house and possibly timber floor in her kitchen by professional contractors. I think I will talk to her about being careful during a slightly after installation to avoid damage.

  • We are in the renovation stage of our house particularly, our kitchen. In a week or two, we will then proceed to the living room to which I am planning on installing a glossily finished timber flooring. I want to copy the images you have posted here, so lovely!

  • Seeing as I am going to be redoing all of my floorings in my kitchen this spring, I for sure want to take the proper steps to make sure the wood going in properly. Now as you said, having a good base for the wood is imperative as you don’t want it to cause any deformities. If anything, I might see about going with someone as I wouldn’t want to mess anything up myself.

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  • Great tips about timber floor installation for the house. You really mentioned some nice tips about how to timber floor installation for the house. Thanks for sharing this.

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