Split Systems Maintenance Service: Understanding The Many Implications


An air conditioning unit, just like any other electrical appliance, undergoes wear and tear over prolonged usage and hence requires regular servicing and maintenance for seamless performance.

Even though AC units are mainly used during the summer months, the air filtration unit accumulates dust and other pollutants throughout the year. During a servicing session, a technician should ideally perform a deep cleaning of the filters so that all the accumulated dust is removed and clean air is produced and circulated by the system. All the leading brands selling Air Conditioning machines offer additional warranty under which the split AC maintenance service is free of cost. To avail of this service, the patron requires contacting the service providers.

Air Conditioning Unit

There are few other measures for the homeowners to take to ensure the increased performance of the split AC.

As part of the air conditioner maintenance checklist, homeowners can perform a few measures to ensure that their AC units are running with optimum efficiency throughout the year. Some DIY tips for AC unit maintenance include:

  • Regular brushing and removal of debris near and around the unit.
  • Regular cleaning of the condenser coils, especially in the spring season.
  • Checking for any signs of loose electric wire connections.
  • Frequent lubrication of the motors and bearings as a part of split systems maintenance service.
  • Re-fill of refrigerant.
  • Ensuring that the condensation drainpipe is clear.

Though each component of the air conditioning unit is critical to the efficient functioning of the machine, the air filtration system requires a little more attention because it is responsible for preventing dust particles from entering the machine.

Split Systems Maintenance

Hence, it is important to keep the area around the AC system clean so that the machine’s internal parts can be safeguarded and major breakdowns and repairs can be avoided. Some manufacturers also urge cleaning the filters every month as a part of the essential maintenance work. The importance of a split systems maintenance service should never be underestimated and is especially important for maintaining the reverse cycle unit in tough conditions. The key benefits of regular maintenance are:

  1. Healthy Environment:

Several particles and pollutants, such as bacteria, dust, fur, debris, etc., that float in the air can be harmful to many individuals, especially for people with allergic conditions. The efficient air filters of the AC unit suck in all the pollutants and make the air clean and fresh. Filters that are unkempt and dirty will lose the ability and efficiency of the suction power.

  1. Efficient & Durable Heating and Cooling Performance:

With regular split systems maintenance service, the air conditioning unit should last for more than ten years, despite the local environmental and external factors that cannot completely control. Routine maintenance is overly critical as there are several moving parts and prolonged that makes the machine susceptible to the risk of damages, which, if left unattended, may demand costly replacements in a noticeably short time of the unit’s lifespan.

  1. Cost Savings:

Regular split systems maintenance service by a professional technician can help avoid costly repairs and replacements and maintain the machine’s efficiency, thereby saving a lot of money.

It is a proven fact that regular servicing of the AC unit can boost the machine’s performance and reduce electricity bills to a considerable extent. Poorly maintained air conditioning units are prone to gas leakages and eventual drop in cooling efficiency. During a standard split systems maintenance service, a technician looks for issues that might hamper the optimum functioning of the unit. These minor issues, if unresolved, can eventually develop into bigger problems and lead to expensive repairs or even replacements. Another important benefit of regular maintenance is the increased lifespan of the machine that can extend up to more than a decade.

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