Spotless And Clean: 5 Simple Tips For Cleaning Glass Windows


Cleaning your glass windows is one chore you do at home that requires proper handling. If you fail to do it properly, it will likely create a mess of streaks on the glass surface, no matter how you put all your effort into spraying and wiping. Or even worse, you’ll end up breaking the window.

If you don’t want that to happen, well, you have to know the secrets of a spot-on cleaning of glass windows. Most of the time, the tools and the cleaning solution you’ll use can make a big difference in glass window cleaning.

Having the right stuff, you can expect that you’ll make your glass windows spotless and clean. So, if you want to clean your glass windows properly, here are some tips that will help you for that purpose.

  1. Use Vinegar

Window Cleaning Tips Clean

Yes, you heard it right. The liquid that you think is only good for flavoring your food can also do an excellent cleaning solution to keep your glass windows smooth and spotless. The good thing is that vinegar is also affordable!

If you have a tight budget and want to stay away from a commercial home cleaning solution, vinegar is an ideal alternative cleaning agent for your glass windows.

You have to mix the vinegar and water in a container (preferably a sprayer). After you have mixed it, apply or spray it on the glass surface. Just bear with the smell of the vinegar if you use it as a cleaning agent for your glass windows. A little later, the stink of vinegar will go away, and you’ll surely be amazed at how an excellent solution it is!

  1. Prefer Distilled Water

Distilled Water

Some people often neglect to put importance on the water they’ll use every time they clean their glass windows. You should keep in mind that the content of your cleaning solution will reflect on the gas surface after you apply it.

Take, for instance, using diluted water. If you use diluted water, chances are you’ll generate a mess of streaks on the glass surface. So, to prevent that from happening, you should mix distilled water into the cleaning solution.

Distilled water has fewer mineral contents in it. So, it won’t be a problem to mix it into a cleaning solution to clean your glass windows.

  1. Lessen Soapsuds

Glass Window Cleaning

There’s nothing to worry about soapsuds if you use a water-and-vinegar cleaning agent to apply to a glass surface. However, if worse comes to worst and you need soap to clean your glass windows, you should lessen suds on the glass surface.

Soapsuds are one of the factors to blame for that annoying residue and streaks on the glass surface after you clean it. Therefore, you should keep in mind to minimize suds in cleaning it. After all, you won’t need to put too much soap on the surface to get rid of the accumulated dust and dirt from your glass window.

  1. Stay Away from Using Paper Towels

Paper Towels

It’s essential that you know there are things you shouldn’t include in your bucket of cleaning supplies every time you clean your glass windows. Take, for example, paper towels!

Using paper towels to wipe the cleaning solution off the glass surface can cause linty streaks that will only ruin the beauty of your glass windows. If you use paper towels, you might as thoroughly not clean them at all.

  1. Choose Microfiber Cloth for the Finishing Touches

Window Cleaning

Instead of wiping the glass window off using paper towels, you can choose a microfiber cloth for it. It’s because a microfiber cloth is an ideal cleaning material to complete your glass window cleaning. Using a microfiber cloth can surely get rid of those residues and streaks off the glass surface.

However, if you’re having difficulty cleaning your glass windows, you can tap the services of a house cleaning company like Maid Complete’s Seattle service area to do the cleaning for you.


If you have glass windows at home, you should do regular cleaning sessions. Glass windows require proper cleaning tools and solutions to remove accumulated dust and dirt and prevent streaks off their surface. Thus, to clean it properly, you can follow the list of cleaning tips above for that purpose.

Once you get a knack for cleaning your windows, you can say goodbye to those dirty, old-looking panels and say hello to new, almost brand-new-looking windows.

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  1. Without any proper handling techniques and cleaning tools/agents, there are chances that your windows might break and become dirtier than before. Thus, using cleaning agents such as newspaper soaked in vinegar, distilled water applied will work perfectly when rubbing in a soft manner. And moreover, you can use micro-fiber clothes to handle glass window cleaning.

  2. Usually cleaning the glass takes lots of effort and to make it easy you should use of vinegar solution which makes it easy and clean the windows at a time. To make it fast you can also prefer distilled water instead of normal water to make it clean better.


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